Improv Pasta with Cheese

Cheese is a beautiful thing. Pasta is an excellent vehicle for aiding in the transport of cheese from container to mouth. Thusly, we have pasta and cheese.

pasta and cheese

It should be noted that I desperately avoid the more traditional macaroni and cheese. And by ‘traditional’, I mean ‘elbow macaroni’. I care not that all those 2834792374 shapes of pasta out there are made with the same ingredients, they still taste different dangit! And elbow macaroni is my least favorite of all of the shapes out there. These here are some variety or another of rigatoni.

This is 3 cheese pasta, too! The cheeses are as follows: provolone, feta, and parmesan. Also dumped in are butter, milk, garlic, and oregano. In hindsight, I suppose olive oil would have been appropriate. However, I was getting lightheaded from lack of cheese, and thusly, I used what I done did use.

Strawberry Chocolate Waffles ahoy!

So, if you already didn’t know, waffles are the breakfast* of the gods. I mean, with that many syrup traps, how could you go wrong?

So, I only had 1.5 of the 2 cups of mix required to make said waffles, so I improvised, mostly by dumping in a bunch of strawberry chunks and chocolate chips. The result was the sort of waffles that made me wish I had some ice cream around.**


It may look like I was trying to be artsy in taking the picture, but really I just forgot about my camera until I’d already eaten several bites. Thus, that part got cropped out.

*I’m actually not really into waffles for breakfast. Or much of any breakfast food beyond cereal and bagels, for that matter. I need to be up for at least several hours before my stomach can take that sort of hardcore action.

**I may not have had ice cream, but I did have rum!

Peruvian/Mexican hybrid Ceviche

So last summer, Drew and I were in Peru. We (or rather, mostly I) had the delightful experience of eating ceviche there. Ceviche (or cebiche, depending) is a delightful concoction of fish and lemon and lime and other squishy and tasty items. So, during the ‘Hey, we’re leaving tomorrow, lets hit the grocery store and buy souvenirs!’ trip, I got this little baby:

Cebiche packet

Now, the Peruvian variety is pretty much just the seasoned fish topped with onions, with corn-like items and other things on the side. Being as I’d left all my maize in my other pants (and boy do I hate it when that happens) I decided to use this seasoning packet to produce mexican ceviche, which in addition to the fish and onions, also has tomatoes and cilantro and is topped with avocado, which is always a beautiful thing. I used flounder, as a.) any whitefish’ll do and b.) on that particular day at the grocery store, flounder was cheaper then your mom (and as you well know, that’s pretty cheap!).

Moving on..

I squirted in some extra lemon and lime (technically, I squirted in the juices from the little plastic lemons and limes, or ‘lemyn’ and ‘lyme’ if that’s preferable) to help top off the fact that I dumped in more ingredients then usual. Then it lounged in the afternoon sun whilst I photographed it, just before the period of the devouring.


I heart the period of the devouring.

Rainbow Cake of Joy

So I made this cake, see. And I was gonna make it really festive. Super festive, in fact. But it’s rather hard to convince oneself to go to all of that effort to make something super-festive when it’s just gonna get eaten immediately afterwards. So I got lazy.

Rainbow Cake

I didn’t feel like using a recipe for icing, so I just dumped a few things in a pan (butter, remnant Pirates of the Caribbean chocolate, powdered sugar, milk), stirred a bit, and dumped that all over the cake. There’s still little chunks of powdered sugar that never bothered to de-powder themselves, but hey, it’s sugar. It is delicious in all of it’s sugary forms.

Oh yeah, and this cake is totally gay-friendly. Huzzah for lazy decorating!

Count Chocula-riffic

Breakfast cereals are a beautiful thing. Especially when not eaten for breakfast. Count Chocula cereal is fluffy, delightful, and full of marshmallows!

Count Chocula!

First Post! (with delightful cookies to boot)

So I finally started a separate blog for food-related stuffs. I think about food entirely too much, and enjoy taking a whack at making it. This blog will revolve primarily around what I’ve made recently, and I’ll be trying to post at least every 2 days. Or whenever I eat something that intrigues me. We’ll see how it goes.

And, as a brief aside: the camera I’m working with isn’t exactly professional grade or anything. Not to say that it sucks, but it’s not gonna be spitting out many magazine-quality shots here. As a brief aside #2, my photography skills aren’t exactly professional grade, either.

In any case, I made these snacktacular cookies the other day:


They look better then they taste. Stupid recipe was supposed to be able to go through a cookie gun, but the dough was waay too hard. The pink, btw, is only for show, no strawberry flavor here.

So I was using these reject advent calendar chocolates from Christmas. At least they look snazzy from close up:

More Cookies!

By batch 2, however, said advent chocolates were squishing up in my hand, so I squished them around with a knife and added sprinkles for bonus festiveness:

Yet More Cookies!

I’m not gonna bother posting the recipe, as these just taste entirely too much like cheap chocolate and crisco.