About This Site

My name is Virginia (aka Ptocheia), and I eat a lot. I was born in Arlington, VA (just south of DC), grew up in Richmond, VA, and currently life in Denver, Colorado. I enjoy cooking and baking, and I often get bored and throw things in pans just to see what comes out. I like to take pictures of food. Also, I have a lovely habit of eating food every single day. And thus, I post here.

Cooking is a learning experience for me. I enjoy the process of figuring out how to do things. Because of this, I have this strange tendency to ignore recipes. Part of this is because I feel I’ll never get a decent grasp on the art of cooking if I’m doing paint by numbers all the time. The other part is because I’m masochistic. At some point, I realised I have entirely too many things to say about food. A little after that, this blog was born. It’s a mix of delicious things, mediocre things, and a great deal of things in-between. Sometimes, especially when I feel like baking, there are even pretty things!

I suppose part of this blog is also a reaction against the oodles of food blogs out there with beautiful and magical dishes with a page-long list of ingredients, most of which cost entirely too much. Function in cooking is just as important as form in my opinion, so my desire for delicious things gets balanced with the need to eat healthful things on a regular basis as well as the need for efficiency, plus cost-effectiveness of ingredients. As I enjoy eating as many things as possible, I may post something vegan one day and something with bacon the next day. I’m also a big fan of randomness and making things funny colors.