Some places I’ve eaten at in the Bay Area Part I

It’s embarrassing how easy it is to fall of the blogging wagon. And, when I look back at posts on any of my blogs that I’ve made in the past few years, it’s also embarrassing how many of the posts that I do make include some sort of reference to the fact that I’ve become significantly worse at writing regularly. On a related note, it’s frustrating when I remember something I’ve made, or someplace I’ve eaten, and have no place to find out the ingredients, and no place to reminisce about about whatever delicious thing it was that I ate. As someone with a horrible memory, I really should make better use of this Internet thing!

Moving on. I live in California now, in the East Bay. So let me talk about some of the food I’ve eaten here thus far.

Boudin Bakery

Clam Chowder Bread Bowl

Original sourdough bread from Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, with delicious clam chowder inside. Think it was around $8? Which is practically a bargain here, considering it’s basically impossible to eat an entire bread bowl. If you want to warm up and be very sleepy from a bread coma for the next few hours, this option is hard to beat.

Kyu 2 Sushi

Seafood salad

We are fortunate enough to have Kyu 2 Sushi located rather close to us. This is also dangerous, because sushi. Anyhow, this is their seafood salad, and is in fact the first thing I ate after we moved into our apartment. I’d never had that sort of variety of seafood on lettuce before, and it was quite tasty.

A Giant Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab

I have no memory of which restaurant this one from, one of the seafood places in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. It is however quite representative of the amazing crabs that you can get to eat in this area. I enjoyed this sucker immensely.

Ramen Yamadaya


So I didn’t realize that Ramen Yamadaya was a semi-local chain until looking it up. In any case, it is porky and fatty and delicious. I feel very fortunate to have access to Japantown and all of the delicious cuisine it holds. I’ve eaten here twice so far because the hot savory ramen makes me extremely happy.

I’ll probably make another post with other food places, but first I need to sort my photos, as everything is a mess right now thanks to me preferring a different directory structure than what my phone likes.

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