A delicious energizing slush with a Zoku!

I got a Zoku for Christmas, and it is pretty much the best thing ever. For a delicious energizing slush, I recommend pouring in a raspberry Bing energy drink, it’s really good.

zoku and raspberry bing

Other things I’ve dumped into the Zoku so far are:

  • Chilled green tea with sugar & milk (this is delicious)
  • Green tea and sugar, no milk (still refreshing, still delicious)
  • Mango nectar (nectar juices seem to work well, they have a good body to them)
  • Mango nectar plus rum (kinda failed, the rum does not like freezing!)
  • Chai tea with milk & sugar (so good)
  • Taro bubble tea mix + sugar + milk. Was delicious, though my ratios were slightly off.

I need to figure out if it’s possible to add any alcohol at all, or if that just needs to be mixed in after the fact. Relatedly, I’d be curious to try pouring in a nice stout to see what happens.

I see the Zoku being in very regular use come summertime, especially with juices. Am also looking forward to experimenting with adding boba to the slushes, as this seems like an amazing way to short-cut to having delicious boba tea.

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