I may have invented a delicious potatoey thing

A thing!

Had potatoes I needed to use up, along with an excess of onion. So I fried stuff and kept adding things to the pan, and the result was good. In this order:

– Fried some breakfast sausage
– When almost completely cooked, added chopped onions
– When onions were translucent, added chopped already cooked potatoes
– Decided that apples would work, so chopped up half an apple & threw that in, sauteed for a few minutes
– Tossed on some chopped up fresh basil
– Decided some maple syrup would be good, so I drizzled that on top, sauteed another couple minutes

Served with salt & pepper, plus a dollop of whipped cream. Was pretty amazing.

Ideas for next time:
– Shred some sharp cheese on top
– Stick all of this into a tortilla shell, fry burrito-like item a few minutes. Maybe add some egg – I’d say this could make for an interesting breakfast burrito, but I’m not sure that apple & egg would get along well.

Unrelatedly, those plates are Calvin Klein plates I got pretty much brand new at the thrift store.
– Calvin Klein makes plates? Who knew!
– $2 for a stack of 6 of the suckers. Good deal, indeed.

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