Sweetened Potato Pancakes of Joy!

So one of the best things ever is impuse-buying food from the discounted section of the grocery store. It satisfies whatever hunter/gatherer part of my brain desires novelty, and makes my wallet happy because if it’s not good, no big loss. One of the other best things ever happens to be latkes/potato pancakes.

Potato Pancake Mix

Course, these are not latkes, per se (as far as I know, I don’t claim to be an expert!). But, they do satisfy the requirements of containing potatoes and being pancake-shaped.

So the process is relatively easy – dump in a bowl, mix in some water, watch it all get fluffy.

Potato Pancake Mix in bowl

So the recipe says this makes like 20 of them. Or something close to that. I could look at the box to check, but it’s way over there and I’m way over here. Anyhow, I guess mine are “jumbo sized” cause I only made like 14 of them. Still a decent number.

Potato Pancake mix frying away

So these fried in oil for a bit, then I flipped them and kept frying. I really like the fact that I don’t have to touch a grater when making these. My knuckles fear graters like nothing else. Course, there’s something to be said for eating potatoes over potato flakes, but convenience and lack of blood in your food is a nice thing as well.

Potato Pancakes!

These were quite tasty! Checked the ingredients, and there’s an interesting range of spices including paprika, nutmeg, and cinnamon. I wrote down the ingredient list, actually, so the next time I feel like shredding potatoes I can toss in a few bonus flavors. So the package has got you eating these with sour cream, but I didn’t have sour cream. I did have yogurt, which shares similarities to sour cream, but I think the only flavors I had were like blueberry and key lime pie, and I wasn’t quite ready for that kind of gastronomic experimentation. So I dumped some chunky applesauce on these, which worked quite well. And in conclusion, though I’m not sure I’d necessarily buy these full-price (I mean, have you seen how cheap potatoes are?) I would totally get this again should I have another encounter with it in the discount bin at King Soopers.

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