Nutella Cookies from Pinterest

Oh hey, it’s been forever since I last posted here. See, January’s kind of a crappy month – I feel lucky if I can manage to get out of bed every day, much less do something productive like writing. Pretty sure it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder, though this hasn’t been confirmed in any medical sense. I got a lamp to try some light therapy, and that plus the fact that it’s almost March means I’m more inclined to actually go do things. Like, I guess, write here.

Anyhow, I’ve got all these blasted pins on pinterest, all of which I’ve added after fully vetting that their linking content is actually a thing I’d realistically try making. Meaning I pin things that look good, have ingredients I’m apt to have around, and don’t look like they’d take too much time. So, along comes this pin for some Nutella cookies, and considering there’s three ingredients, I figured I’d have a go.

Nutella Cookies from Pinterest

I mean, the pin claims they’re the best cookies EVER, so I’ve gotta try making them, right? Turns out I don’t have a cup of Nutella. Cleaned the jar out, and was left with around 2/3 cup. But, you know, Nutella’s pretty powerful stuff, so I decided to wing it. Added the egg and the cup of flour, and added a second egg for a bit more liquid – figured the egg would just make them a bit more fluffy.

Tried sprinkling some powdered sugar on top in that sorta lazy “don’t feel rolling these into balls and powdering them the proper way” kinda manner.

Unbaked Nutella Cookies

Baked for 7 minutes, and took them out when they had that “I kinda want to leave them in a bit longer but know that if I do, they’ll be super hard” look to them.

Nutella Cookies

So yeah, they weren’t too bad. Nice and soft, and remained soft even after cooling. Not too sweet either. At the same time though, nothing too special. I suppose it’s a drawback of a recipe with three ingredients, you can sort of imagine what the flavor of those ingredients combined would be. They were, well, Nutella in cookie form. Not as intense as they’d be if I’d used the whole cup, of course, and a bit fluffier than in the pinned photo thanks to that second egg.

These reminded me of a recipe for peanut butter cookies I made back in the day with two ingredients, peanut butter and sugar. Which seems awesome on the one hand cause, hey, two ingredients, how simple is that? But the resulting flavor is also just that – simple. Think I prefer to put the extra effort out there to get a cookie with more complex flavor. Like, in terms of a Nutella cookie, I bet some variety of sugar cookie with straight Nutella as filling would be a bit more pleasing than these. Actually, I bet these would be great for kids, come to think of it. Kids don’t really seek out complex flavors (some are actively turned off by them) and in terms of a baking project, three ingredients is about as kid-friendly as you can get.

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