Whereupon I have a little pumpkin with my onion, in soup form

So I bought this pumpkin awhile back. Initially, for Halloween-related decor purposes, but with the ultimate intent of baking that sucker and eating its innards in various formats. This was successful, and I ended up with 8 cups (i.e. 4 cans) of pumpkin innards, ready for the using. Thus, I’ve been exploring new and exciting ways of making things out of pumpkin.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had pumpkin soup before, and I’m pretty sure I liked it. So, I decided since it was getting cold, it was also optimal soup-making season. So I found this pumpkin soup recipe and forged ahead.

So, here’s the basic list of ingredients (not that I completely stuck to it, but we’ll get to that later):

1 cup chopped onion
2 tbsp melted butter
2 cans chicken broth
1 can pumpkin puree
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp ground black pepper
1 cup heavy whipping cream

The original recipe also had some steps for a crispy soup topping of bread, but I totally skipped that out of laziness.

Anyhow, first up, I had to chop all that onion.

chopped onion

Let’s just say that 1 cup of onion is a rather large amount. This was my first hint of what might become, to be honest. Though, at this point I was assuming that any excessive onioney-ness would be overwhelmed by the spices.


So I was supposed to sautee the onion in butter, but I’m a bum and totally didn’t do that. Actually, I sorta made up my own part for the middle of the recipe. Dumped the onions and butter together in a bowl, along with spices. I wanted to make sure the soup had a nice pie ambiance to it, so I went ahead and 1/8 tsp of both cloves and nutmeg along with the other seasonings. Also, I sometimes use strange containers for seasonings (that would be salt on the far right).

pumpkin and broth

I’d recently baked a cornish hen solely with the goal of generating some broth (with the side bonus of having meat left over!) so I went ahead and used that for the broth, guesstimating at the amount of broth (note: I didn’t use all of that broth pictured). I’m pretty sure that 2 cans = 4 cups, but I used a bit less than that from the fear of watery soup. And, that sack to the right would be my bag-o-pumpkin.

Milk & creamer

The recipe called for heavy whipping cream, which I totally didn’t have. However, I did have this delightful pumpkin spice creamer, so I decided to to a “half cup milk, half cup creamer” approach here, and figured the “pumpkin spice” flavor would only help things.

brown sugar

So the recipe didn’t call for brown sugar, but multiple comments on this recipe mentioned that it needed to be a bit sweeter to really work right, and that brown sugar worked well for that. So, I dumped some in – no idea how much though, I just sorta eyeballed it.

So, my basic process of this recipe was – dump most the ingredients into a bowl, then dump into the blender. There wasn’t room for the broth, so I added everything else, pureed, poured the puree into the slow cooker bowl, and then mixed in the broth. I then set this to slow cook for about 3-4 hours, which seemed sufficient.


The soup looked, smelled good, had a great texture, and tasted a bit too much like onion. It might be ideal for onion lovers out there, but I was really hoping the onion would be overpowered by everything else involved. Course, I still ate all the soup, so it was good enough I suppose – I strategically ate it for breakfast when my tastebuds are less demanding. However, likely won’t try making this version again. There’s still several bags of pumpkin in the freezer though, and I might try another pumpkin soup – am thinking a curry type soup with coconut milk and NO ONION. We’ll see!

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