I bet you wanna win a NottaTin full of popcorns!

And I totally fell off of the blogging bandwagon, sorry about that! I call it “Vacation + NaNoWriMo Strikes Again!” But, I have something to make up for the looong lack of words on this thing – free popcorn that you can enter to win!

So Rocky Mountain Popcorn sent me a small Nottatin, which is apparently a tin of popcorn except made of cardboard, hence the “notta” part. And, it looked like this!


A fairly big sucker, all things considered. So, I popped it open, and its insides looked like this!

popcorn sacks!

There’s 7 bags inside, 7 different flavors total. I crushed through the white cheddar rather quickly, which was rather tasty, and I rather appreciated that it wasn’t overly salty (which is one thing I often have against eating popcorn). The caramel corn, a bit heavier, is something I’m still working my way through, and that’s pretty good as well. Chris up and crushed the butter popcorn bag, so that’s long gone (and he dubbed it tasty).

I’m still looking forward to trying the cinnamon and sugar popcorn bag, as well as the kettle corn bag – I’m mostly a sweet popcorn eater, after all. From there, there’s also a jalepeno chedder, which I will either eat or trick Chris into eating, depending on how much emphasis is on the “jalepeno” part. And, there’s a plain variety, which I may just cave and drench a bunch of caramel/chocolate over, cause sweet popcorn is tasty.

So anyhow, how’d you like to win a holiday Nottatin chock full of popcorns? The contest is for a full size one (with 15 bags inside), bigger than the small one above! Please leave a comment on this post saying something about how awesome popcorn is. I’ll close the contest at the end of the day on December 9th, and select a winner at random from the comments. Please use an email address you check, as I’ll need to reach out to you for your mailing address!

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  1. Megan December 5, 2012 11:38 am

    I heard that if you put unpopped kernels into pancake batter, the pancakes will flip themselves. Somehow I doubt that really works, but that would be the most epic lazy use of popcorn ever.

  2. Inga December 6, 2012 11:09 pm

    MMM, mmmm popcorn. I make it the "old fashioned" way on the stove! With real butter! Get out. Yes, some people still do that. My kids love to show their friends. I have a friend that won't make popcorn on her flat top stove because she is afraid to scratch it. Ha, stoves are for cooking my friend.

    I think the jalapeno cheese would be great!

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