GB Fish & Chips, and what the heck is “ethnic food”, anyhow?

I’ve been eyeing GB Fish & Chips for a little while now. I drive by it over on Broadway on a regular basis, and I do have a weakness for seafood, as well as deep-fried things. So, we ended up eating there for my recent birthday. Hooray!

mixed fish & chips

They’ve got a range of serving sizes for their fish & chips, which works for those of us whose appetite tends to range. I went for the half serving with fries, which I was unable to finish as I am bad at eating large pile of food, it seems. There’s a bunch of different types of seafood you can get deep-fried, and I went with the combination, which came with a piece of each type (two, in the case of smaller items like scallops). I’m glad I went for the combination, as it was tasty to try the range of fishies, but next time I think I might just get the cod, as the cod was the tastiest of them all.

So something I was thinking about – would GB Fish and Chips be considered “ethnic food?” Google tells me it’s food that a particular racial, national, or cultural group prefers, so I’d say it falls into the category, it would be British Ethnic, right? Meaning that, technically, Thanksgiving dinner, or a burger & fries, would be ethnic food because it’s food that Americans prefer? Would this mean that the only non-ethnic food would be fusion food? Hmmmmm.

Shephard's Pie

Chris went for the shephard’s pie. Even without my awful photography skills, it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of pies. However, it was pretty darn tasty. The few bites I had contained peas, and I did not mind the peas, which is a good sign, as I generally mind peas. And again, the plate presentation left much to be desired, but it is also already in a “to-go” state, and this is a pretty casual restaurant, so it’s not really something to judge too harshly on, I think.

And, Chris also decided to get fries on the side.


To be honest, the fries were wholly unnecessary. Neither of our entrees got finished as it was, and these poor fries didn’t get finished either. I mean, they were pretty tasty as steak fries go, but it was just way too much food. Anyhow, I want to go back there again sometime soon – the prices are great, and I’m rather curious about the bangers & mash, as well as the pasties. Also, they have a gazillion soccer jerseys decorating the ceiling, which is really neat. Be wary of going on a Friday evening, hover, as seats are tricky to come by!

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