Lemon Tahini Quinoa With A Crapload Of Things In It

quinoa in bowl

So I got this bag of quinoa awhile back. I was up in the mountains, some town I’ve never been to before, and did some sightseeing. And my souvenir purchase? The bag of quinoa. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Still seems like a good idea, actually.

Think this is just my second time working with quinoa, so I didn’t remember the cooking strategy off the top of my head, but it was fairly easy to find some directions after googling around. It’s a 1/2 liquid ratio (so, 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups of water), and you pretty much cook it like rice.

So I decided to make this delightful looking recipe for Chickpea and Quinoa Salad with Lemon and Tahini. I totally made my own chickpeas from dried beans, this is my new hobby apparently, and definitely requires overnight commitment. That, or remembering to start slow-cooking the wee guys early in the day.

I totally ignored the quinoa cooking instructions in the recipe, and just made a half cup in the ole rice cooker.

This recipe seemed a bit sparse on the vegetables. And, the comments on the recipe seemed to agree with me. So based on some of the recommendations in the comments, along with what my taste buds and refrigerator recommended, I added these to the bowl of chickpeas:

-chopped green olives
-green onion
-shaved carrot
-feta (believe this was the only thing that made this salad not vegan, for whatever it’s worth)


So next, you gotta mix together the dressing. I tweaked the recipe a bit, partly because I didn’t have much lemon.

-garlic powder
-2 tbsp lemon
-2 tbsp tahini
-1 tbsp olive oil

Actually, I may have added some bonus tahini, cause tahini is amazing. Whisk all these until mixed.

all ingredients

Mix together the bowl of “dressing” and the quinoa until thoroughly combined.

cooked quinoa

From there you dump in your vegetables, again mixing thoroughly. Then, you’re done.

quinoa salad

This was really freaking good. Probably because the tahini is like 90% fat. Yay fat! Seems most flavorful at room temperature for some reason as well, so for leftovers, I might recommend letting it sit out for a few minutes before eating. Also, one downside of dumping in a gajillion ingredients is that some of those ingredients don’t survive the test of time very well. This mostly means that your cucumber will get a bit mushy, and your avocado will get a bit brown. Still tastes just as good, though!

And, considering the ingredients used here, I’d be very curious as to how it would work if you just dumped a bunch of hummus into some quinoa, and added vegetables.

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