Gorging ourselves in Chicago: Part 1

So as far as I can tell, it’s pretty hard to find a bad place to eat in Chicago. Albeit, we were working off of some general recommendations along with the guidance of Yelp. Nonetheless, some delightful food was eaten on this trip.

This is essentially the “fatty food plus salad” post. We had an itinerary of what we wanted to eat that is best eaten in Chicago (deep dish, Chicago dog, Italian beef and popcorn), and sorta branched out from that. And by “branched out” I mean “whatever place was nearest when we got hungry after walking around all day.”

Alas, no photos of the deep dish (the restaurant, Gino’s East, was rather dark, and I was lightheaded from lack of pizza, so that photo didn’t happen!) However, we had to eat something at Wrigley Field, so hot dogs it was!

cubby dogs

And, you can take a guess as to which was mine and which was Chris’. (hint, mine’s the one that actually has toppings!). It’s weird, I used to only ever eat hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, nothing else. And then at some point my mouth decided it preferred hot dogs with crap dumped all over them. Wacky!

ASo, on our “Go to the zoo” day, we were walking around Lincoln Park, and Chris had the sudden revelation that he was hungry. So we picked The Dog Joint in Chicago based on my desire to finally get some Italian Beef, and Chris’s desire to shove another hot dog down his throat.

Italian Beef

This definitely had a different feel than the thinly shaved beef I’ve generally had in Italian beef. Had more of an “I’m chomping down on some steak” feel to it, if that makes any sense. Bread was also a bit thinner, less bun-like, gave the feel of “I’m sitting at a dinner table and wrapping this roast been in this slice of bread.” Roasted peppers were thick and juicy. Could have possibly used a bit more of a kick to the sandwich (or a bit more flavor, at least), but as it stood, this was an amazingly satisfying sandwich.

cheesey hot dog

Chris went for a hot dog – with cheese on it this time! I’m sure this sort of thing is delightful to those kinds of people who actively enjoy eat cheese on wieners. I, however, shall stay silent on the issue.

So at some point we’re doing the tourist thing, hitting up a museum and walking around a bunch. Also doing the tourist thing in not realizing how far away things are on a map, and being hesitant about catching a bus cause we don’t know how the bus system works yet. Anyhow, we had walked a crap ton of miles. (And yes, ‘crap ton’ is the technical term). Also, Chris’s shoes were falling apart. And it wanted to rain. It then turned into a game of “Let’s get to where there’s restaurants sooner rather than later.” Which led us to the Artists Cafe.

So I started off with a Hacker Pschorr Weisse, random beer I’ve never had before.

Hacker Pschorr Weisse

Tasty! While I’m not a huge lighter colored beer person (I’m really bad at knowing their types unless it’s a stout – guessing this is an ale or lager?), I did enjoy drinking it. Having alcohol in it helps, of course.

feta plate

As the last few days had been a nonstop assault of dairy (mostly in pizza and cheese curd form), I figured that it was high time I tried to actually get a bigger variety of nutrients. So, feta plate. Offscreen is Italian dressing which tasted homemade, and a little cup of hummus that may or may not been homemade. Nothing too spectacular, but definitely better than your average “pile of plants plus Greek items.”

At some point Chris ate a burger, which I did not photograph (I blame the beer for that one).

The combination of excessive walking plus salad had the resulting effect of actually leaving me hungry enough to get dessert. I went for the baklava.


While it seemed to be your standard flaky nutty baklava, the presentation and additions pushed it from average to delightful. Just in case the baklava wasn’t sweet enough, there was a bunch of bonus honey added to the dessert. That plus the whipped cream and bonus cinnamon made it worth it.

brownie a la mode

Chris went with a brownie a la mode. I tasted it and found the brownie to be chocolatey and tasty. Chris even gave me the reject nuts! Ice cream was soft serve. Sorta surprised by the soft-serve, in hindsight – the restaurant definitely had a “Euro” feel to it, which makes me think it more likely to have scoop ice cream. I’m assuming that soft serve is more traditionally American? Just has that “this was invented in a fast food restaurant” feel to it. A delicious feel, mind you, but nonetheless that’s the feel I get.

And, coming at some point in the next several days will be Part 2, whereupon I force Chris to eat Polish and Vietnamese food!

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