Pigging out in Minneapolis

So I’ve been away on vacation for the last week or so. Took a road trip with Chris up to Minneapolis, and then through Wisconsin to Chicago where we stayed for the better part of a week. As a result, my camera overfloweth from all of the photos of the godawful amounts of food we managed to consume in that time. The vast majority of the food we ate on the trip was rather good (thanks to the wonders of Yelp combined with sheer luck), and I will now write about some of it.

Emily’s Lebanese Deli

As our diet of recent had consisted mostly of the sort of food that gets eaten at interstate exits, I was going for something a bit healthier. So, despite the temptingly easy option of stuffing our faces at the Mall of America, we instead decided to check out Emily’s Lebanese Deli. Just north of downtown Minneapolis, it was near empty when we showed up for our 2:00pm Sunday lunch, but more people started flowing in soon after.

tabouli and pita

Meals come with tabouli and pita as appetizer. As I was famished at this point, I had to restrain myself from devouring all the things, as pitas had to be strategically reserved for the scooping up of the impending entree! Anyhow, the tabouli was delightful.

stuffed grape leaves

I freaking love fresh stuffed grape leaves. The ones I generally eat are from the olive bar at ye local King Soopers – still tasty as far as I’m concerned, but a bit mushy and rather drunk with vinegar. These were more “buzzed with vinegar” (to stick with the alcohol analogy here), and not at all mushy. The grains of rice were distinct and firm, with tangible pieces of lamb dispersed throughout. Quite satisfying!

lebanese green beans

This was our first stop in a long day away from refrigeration. So while I was hungry, I had to strategically calculate exactly what I could order and successfully finish off, so as to have no leftovers. I failed miserably at that task. I had assumed that this half-order of Lebanese green beans (green beans with lamb in a stew), priced at a mere $5.50, would be easy to finish off. Nope! Despite how delicious it was, this plus the stuffed grape leaves ($3.00) plus the tabouli and pita that came with did me in. I still took a takeout box with, which quite tragically I had to throw out later due to it sitting in the car the entire rest of the day. Albeit, I was willing to try eating it anyhow, but Chris preferred to not have to deal with me potentially vomiting profusely from food poisoning.

And, in conclusion, Emily’s Lebanese Deli is both cheap and delicious, and you should eat there should you find yourself craving some Lebanese while in Minneapolis.

But wait, there’s more!

The Malt Shop

Later that day, I was seriously craving some ice cream. Chris, however, wanted Real People food. Our compromise ended up being another Yelp discovery, The Malt Shop. I was immediately enamored with the ginormous list of possible flavors you could get in your malt. I went for a pumpkin malt, and Chris (who generally plays it pretty safe food-wise) went for a chocolate shake.


On a vaguely related note, as much as I enjoy some nice dim mood lighting in a restaurant, it’s awful when you want to take some decent food pictures. That’s my excuse for the above, anyhow!

So the pumpkin malt was amazing. But then, pretty much anything with pumpkin added tastes amazing. Well, I’m sure there’s exceptions. Heck if I can think of any, though!

fried cheese curds

So as far as I can tell, half the point of anyone living in the midwest is the amazing access to dairy products. Those delightful looking items above? Deep fried cheese curds. Most brilliant concept ever. They tasted as good as they looked, too! The chunky marinara sauce on the side was a nice touch as well, made me almost feel like my meal of malt and cheese was healthy! Mind you, dairy and fat are all part of a nutritious diet, but probably not in the volume at which we were consuming them!

And, this may as well sum of half of the things Chris ate on this trip:

burger and fries

I stole a bite of the burger, and deemed it tasty. Can’t really remember much about the fries – I think that by that point my brain was loopy from calcium overload, so I may have blocked that part out. In any case, The Malt Shop was delightful, and highly recommended if you enjoy malts and constipation!

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