When faced with extra pie crust dough, make tiny lazy pies!

So I totally had crust left over from that lemon pie I made a little while back. When faced with such a leftover crust, my general “hey I can use this to make something tasty!” method is to roll it out, rub some butter on it, sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar, roll up, slice into teeny pieces, and bake. This time, however, I was feeling particularly inspired.

pie crust plus swiss cake roll

For, you see, I was the proud owner of Swiss cake rolls. I started thinking of all of those random deep fried things that you can get at fairs. Quite tragically, it’s been many moons since I have attended a county or state fair, so I’ve never actually tried a deep fried twinkie or deep fried oreo or whatever deep fried things the kids are eating these days. Course, I was feeling way too lazy to actually deep fry anything, so I figured just wrapping the Swiss cake roll in dough and baking it would suffice.

baked swiss cake roll

Baked it at 350 degrees for something like 12-15 minutes. And, it was much like a hot and melty Swiss cake roll wrapped in hot buttery dough! The next time I have leftover dough as well as Swiss cake rolls, I would totally do this again.

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One Comment

  1. essaysontime October 20, 2017 9:50 pm

    I was making pie from the same recipe that you have got here and it was really very delicious for me to try for the first time. From now I am always using this recipe to make pie.