Delightful Grease from Swifts

So my company works next to a place called Swifts. Or rather, my company recently moved to a larger building, and now is across the street from a place called Swifts. And sometimes, when I am driven for whatever reason to drink on a weeknight, I am very glad that my work is located so close to Swifts.

Good diner good really hits the spot, hangover or no, and Swifts definitely has good diner food. At diner food prices, too! Their grilled cheese & fries is delightful, and last I went, cost just under $4.00. I’m also a fan of their cheeseburger & fries, along with their cheesesteak sandwich & fries, as pictured here:

cheesesteak sandwich & fries

Swifts is really more of a breakfast place, so in an ideal world I’d talk more about their breakfast items. However, I’ve always considered myself a big lunch person, so if a place offers lunch food, that’s generally what I’m getting. That, and the whole “aversion to eggs” thing.

Not lunch, but here’s a picture of some chili dogs from Swifts that, though I didn’t try myself, I was assured tasted quite delightful:

chili dogs from Swifts

As you might note, Swifts is also an excellent place to visit if you are looking to ingest a large amount of calories and gain weight. Woohoo! In any case, the next time you have a godawful hangover and are craving some very satisfying grease, I recommend giving Swifts a whirl.

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