Delightful French Toast and more at The Three Lions on Colfax

There’s nothing quite like hanging out at a bar at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning. The Three Lions (located on Colfax, east of downtown Denver) is one of the few places in the Denver area where you can see English football (AKA soccer) at strange hours. And thus, in the semi-recent past, I found myself sucking down hot tea and watching some Crystal Palace when a menu magically appeared in front of me. And by “magically” I mean “the bartender laid it down in front of me.” However, given the level of consciousness I had considering the time on a Saturday I was awake, it might as well have been magic. So I went with the French Toast, and woo boy was it delightful.

french toast

Giant fat pieces of bread, with powdered sugar and syrup on the side. There was a choice of meat sides, so I went with the one I’d never heard of, which was rashers. Rashers turned out to be a nice cross between ham and bacon, and was very pleasing to my belly. As I find scrambled eggs repulsive, I shoved all of those off on Chris, but he seemed pleased enough with them. The tiny potato pieces were tasty as well. A bit too big for hash browns. So, home fries? Does Britain do home fries? Since it’s British, would they be home chips instead? Hmm. I’ll just call them “fried potatoes” for simplicity.

So that’s my only 6:00 am experience there, but as they regularly show Colorado Rapids away games, I’ve also been back to the Three Lions at more respectable times of the day. Their chicken quesadillas are a heaping pile-ful and can feed two people quite well.

chicken quesadilla

It’s amazing, the range of quality one comes across at restaurants for something so simple as a chicken quesadilla. And, the Three Lions’ quesadilla definitely falls on the end of “would totally get again.” “Very cheesy, but not greasy” is an important quality for me, and their quesadillas come through.

And oh, hey, fries!

french fries

I approve of steak fries.

Also, if you’d like to read a much better & more thorough review, I recommend checking out this review of The Three Lions over on Burgundy Wave. Incidentally, I now do a weekly poll for Burgundy Wave every Sunday, so if you like the Colorado Rapids, be sure to check it out!

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