Bacon Honey Biscuits!

When I first slapped these together, I was all, “Hey, I’m being super innovative! Bacon…and honey…on bread!” And then as I was typing this up, I had the stunning thought of “Oh wait, honey is kinda like maple syrup, and no one’s ever thought to stick bacon and maple syrup on a biscuit.” Oops!

Bacon honey rolls

Anyhow, if you really want the breakfast of champions, and drank all of your maple syrup during your last crazy binger, then I highly recommend honey. The biscuits I used were actually ones I made myself. However, the yeast was rather past it’s due date, thus leading to rather flat biscuits, thus causing me to become disillusioned about photographing and writing about said biscuits. Oops again. Luckily, bacon saves the day. Hooray!

On a mildly unrelated note, I don’t like to have too many “Hey look I ate out at a restaurant and took pictures” posts in a row. However, I’ve got a glut of restaurant photos and a dearth of “oh hey, I made something” photos as everything that I’ve made lately was either a.) something I’ve made and written about already or b.) boring and gross (mostly the former rather than the latter, luckily). In any case, what this means for the two of you that actually read this far is that a.) I might be writing more about restaurants in the near future and b.) I need to get off my fanny and make more interesting food!

And on a final note, hope you had a great Memorial Day!

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