Lunch at iSushi on Santa Fe

So first off, let me get this out of the way: Holy Cow there’s a sushi place a block from my work! This is something I immensely approve of, and anticipate heavily urging that any and all future happy hours take place there. So yeah, I’m pretty stoked about iSushi. I do wish their signage was better, though. It’s just a blank white sign with “iSushi” in rather generic font, not too inspiring. Apparently, so uninspiring that I never bothered to take a picture of said generic sign. And so sad, considering their actual logo on their website has much more personality!

iSushi logo

So anyhow, I went there along with my boss Brett for lunch fairly recently, and as the weather was nice we dined on their patio. Nice ambience, with large wooden tables. Despite their extensive menu and roll selection, we both went with lunch specials.

miso soup and salad

Standard miso soup and salad with miso dressing to start. Holy cow that soup tasted like every other miso soup starter! And, uh, I liked the dressing on the salad. It was creamier than other miso dressings I’ve generally had. This I approve of. Need to figure out how to make a decent miso dressing. Or I need to go to the Pacific Mercantile market and buy myself some delicious miso dressing. This is ideal for a lazy bastard such as myself.

sushi lunch

I went with the “Sushi Delight” for lunch, spicy tuna roll with a selection of sushi. Plate presentation was nice (I liked the bonus flower), but nothing too fancy. But then, lunch. I’d definitely be curious to go back for dinner to see how they do dinner plate presentation. The rolls as well as the nigiri were quite tasty, though the rice might have been slightly drier than I generally like. This is because at some point I got anal retentive about sushi. Maybe it’s from too long of making my own rice or something. Or, the rice just happened to be slightly drier than it could have been. Not so dry that I didn’t totally enjoy my rolls, mind you, but still, the dryness was there.

sushi rolls!

While I did not get to sample any of Brett’s rolls, I did force him to sit there and not eat any of said rolls while I photographed them in all of their roll-like glory. And looking at them now is making me hungry again. This is why I should not write these stupid posts several hours before dinner – with my luck I’ll get all ravenous from writing about food and then stuff my face right before bed and have horrific nightmares about being chased by giant tunas with machetes or something. Food + sleep are not good times for me.

Anyhow, heck yes a sushi place near my work! It all comes back to that, really. I’m looking forward to returning to iSushi at some point in the near future and digesting the rest of their offerings.

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