Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies!

So whenever I see cake mix for like a buck a pop, I generally stock up. Cake mix doesn’t exactly sit around and collect dust. Well, for me it doesn’t at least. And it’s not that I even make all that many cakes. I’ll totally jump at an opportunity to whip up something for someone’s birthday, mind you. However, up until rather recently it was just me living on my lonesome, which is no way to make an entire cake go away.

However, I am totally addicted to using cake mix to make cookies. I’m pretty sure I use cake mix for cookies more than I do for actual cake. Once you get beyond the whole “hey, these cookies taste a whole lot like cake” part (which I personally think is pretty freaking awesome), cake mix cookies are fast, easy (I’ll refrain from any “like your mom” comments, as it is Mother’s Day), and almost guaranteed to be soft in the middle (much like your, uh, nevermind!).

Red velvet cookies in dramatic lighting

I’d never tried making cookies using red velvet cake, and as I had a friend’s birthday coming up, I decided that would be the perfect opportunity. There’s variations on the recipe, and I don’t have any set one I’ve been using, so I just googled “cake mix cookie recipe” and ended up going with this Duncan Hines one.

Ironically, I wasn’t even using a Duncan Hines mix (I believe I was going with Pillsbury), but I doubt brand really matters as the size of the mix itself was the same. So, the recipe called for two eggs and a half cup of oil. The batter ended up seeming really oily, so I’m not so sure about that entire half cup.

cake batter

I added in some tiny chocolate chips for good measure. Rolled them into balls, baked at 360 degrees at 11 minutes, and they spread out accordingly. They totally did that cookie thing where you take them out of the oven and at first you’re all like “Wow, they’re so thick and fluffy!” and then you come back 5 minutes later and feel that teeny twinge of disappointment when they’re not nearly as tall anymore. They didn’t get flat, mind you, I’m just a sucker for a fluffy cookie.

Red velvet cookies
(Yeah, those white bits? This is why I need to use an actual mixer more often, rather than using hands and a spoon.)

The oiliness of the batter didn’t impact the cookies as much as I was afraid it might. They were still a little heavy, but not significantly so. I think the moistness from the chocolate chips might have helped to balance out any excessive greasiness the cookies had. Anyhow, these were pretty darn tasty. I really liked how the final product had a crackle-like surface to them, with deeper red showing through the cracks. Next time I might add pecans or walnuts as well. Anyhow, cookie success!

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  1. Candace October 13, 2012 7:26 pm

    I add 1tsp baking powder and it seems to help them stay fluffed up some

    • ptocheia October 20, 2012 9:16 pm

      Sweet, I'll have to try that next time!

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