Deliciousness from Hamburger Mary’s! Also, I am a bad bad poster.

No, really. Around the time I started working 70+ hours a week (and had to pack for a move), I suddenly had a lack of time to post here. Plus a lack of content as well – feeding off of Chinese food for several days in a row does not a good post make, even if it does many delicious meals make. Work’s gotten a bit better (and the aforementioned move is over) so things should improve a bit for the three of you sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting my awful writing!

So anyhow, there’s this restaurant here in Denver called Hamburger Mary’s, which I just learned actually has 12 locations scattered around the country. I am a big fan of any establishment that supports drag queens, which Hamburger Mary’s does, though we were not lucky enough to visit on a night when they were having a show. They did have a game room in the back, complete with a few sets of Giant Jenga (I’m a big fan). And they as well had delightful beverages!


I went for a blueberry margarita, and my dining companion Alysia went for some sort of strawberry margarita, if I remember correctly. It was delicious, though I’m always a little discombobulated whenever a margarita is served in a glass that isn’t giant and vatlike. Maybe I’ve had a little too much experience eating at the sort of Mexican restaurants that do margarita specials, where you look like the odd one out if you aren’t sucking down a 32oz salt rimmed monster. (Not that there’s anything wrong with 32oz salt-rimmed monsters, mind you)

Anyhow, their menu is fairly extensive (with some pretty cute names for some of the entrees). Though I was tempted by other things, I figured I ought to get a burger, given the name of the restaurant. So I went for the “The Big ‘O'”. If you are slathered in guacamole, it is pretty much guaranteed that I am incapable of saying “no” to you.

guac burger

This sucker was pretty big. And, at $10.95, I’m glad it was. I’m a pretty cheap bastard, so it always seems a bit painful to pay that much for a burger, but it helps to keep in mind the portion size. Either split it with a friend, or plan on it being your lunch the next day too (get a to-go box ahead of time and chop the burger in half if you have to) and you’re good to go. Anyhow, it was delightful. Burgertastic, guactastic even. I would totally put this in my mouth again were it to magically appear in front of me at this very moment. And I totally need to get back to Hamburger Mary’s, as nothing makes a great evening quite like drag queens and fried food!

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