City O City for all of your delightful vegetarian needs

City O City is one of those places that I’ve walked by a bunch of times but never fully recognized was a restaurant until recently. It’s about a four block walk from where I live, and for some reason the giant painting on the side of the building always suggested a tattoo parlor. Nonetheless, I recently found myself there on a Saturday evening with a few friends.

It was about a 20 minute wait and holy cow I really wanted dessert the entire time. There’s a counter up front with a large display of desserts, and I spent most of that time eyeballing the cupcakes. I swore I’d save myself room for something that was chock full of sugar.

Figured I better get some vegetables, so I started with some minestrone soup.


The soup was magical in my mouth and my belly. I’m a sucker for minestrone soup, and would totally get it again.

City O City is all-vegetarian, and as my dining companion Chris was feeling squeamish regarding the lack of available meaty familiar items, we went for a safe and always delightful option – pizza!

fromage a trois pizza

We went with the three cheese pizza, AKA “Fromage a Trois”. I’m not completely sure which three cheeses were involved in said fromage a trois, but one was mozzarella and at least one of the other two was delightful and sharp.

winter margherita pizza

Alysia went with the Winter Margherita pizza, made with fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. I stole a slice, and found it delightful. Not quite as delightful as the 3 cheese one, but I do have a weakness for some sharp cheese on pizza. Add that sharp cheese to the winter margherita and we’d have a winner!

Troy, the full-fledged vegan in our group, went with some mac & cheese and ribs. Or rather, mac & “cheese” and “ribs”.

Vegan ribs and mac and cheese

I didn’t try the ribs, but I did get a chance to sample the mac & cheese. And, I suppose I’m a poor person to properly rate the mac & cheese, not being vegan myself. An omnivore at heart, I enjoy vegetarian food, even vegan food on occasion, but I’ve never been too big on fake versions of things. I’ll shovel down cheese-based and bean-based things all day long, but, as a meat and cheese eater, faux meat and faux cheese will always taste like a lesser version of the same thing. So, the mac & cheese tasted like “hey, I bet this is pretty good to those that don’t eat cheese, but it makes me want to put cheese all over it.” D’oh!

And that dessert? Of course that didn’t happen. Despite splitting a personal pizza, it filled me right up and, of course, left me no room for dessert. On the bright side, City O City is only 4 blocks away, so the next time I pass by, I might just swing in for a delightful cupcake.

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