Delicious Sushi at Japoix in Denver

So I used to get a Groupon email every day. Not just Groupon, but every single Groupon spinoff there was as well. There was just something so alluring about all of those half-price deals. After awhile, though, I realized it’s not necessarily the value you perceive it to be. It’s half-off of the full-price version, no other coupons involved, sometimes spending more than you otherwise might to meet the requirements of the Groupon. And so it was when I finally used my Groupon for Japoix – I was not able to take advantage of their Happy Hour prices at all. Nonetheless, the Groupon did give me the excuse to finally experience the absolute deliciousness that is Japoix, so I should really be thankful.

It was a Sunday, early afternoon. Being a single lady with writing to do, I decided to take my laptop on a date to Japoix to enjoy a leisurely lunch. There’s two sides – a lounge and a restaurant side, and I chose the latter in favor of solitude. Both sides have excellent ambiance; this was the view from my seat (with bonus Instragram effects!):

Japoix dining area

I started off with the house salad. Definitely better than your average restaurant salad, with fresh greenery lightly drenched in a delicious layer of house dressing. Wait, is “lightly drenched” an oxymoron? Perhaps “thinly veiled” would work better? Is there a proper and efficient phrasing for “it had dressing all over it, but not in a sickening nauseating ‘too much dressing’ way, more in the ‘right amount of dressing’ way.” Yeah, that!

house salad

Next up, I got sushi! When encountering a menu with things I’m not familiar with, my tendency is to pick whatever sounds the least familiar and go with that. So, I ordered the hamachi new style (which consisted of fresno, kaiware, ponzu, truffle oil, and chive) and got this:


Mmmm fishes! Maybe not $14 at full menu price good, but definitely “yay I have a Groupon for this!” good. These guys definitely had a kick, and my wuss self started removing the peppers on the top near the end in order to cope with said kick.

hamachi closeup!

Japoix has a rather unique ingredient they use in a few of their dishes called an electric button. It’s a part of a plant (I’m thinking lotus, but I’m not really sure) that has an incredibly tart burst of flavor when you bite into it. Among other things, Japoix offers a drink featuring the electric button (which I totally neglected to photograph but was quite tasty), as well as the Electric Eel roll featuring a button on each end.

Electric Eel roll

So I bite into the end piece of sushi, and it’s tasting like you’d expect a really good eel & crab roll to taste, and then I bite into that button. My mouth is flooded with a sharp, tangy flavor. I’d almost say it’s akin to numbing your mouth, except rather than removing your ability to taste or feel, it thinly veils (or lightly drenches, perhaps) everything in your mouth with a tingly sensation and causes your next several bites of food to have the residual tanginess of the button. It’s definitely a strange experience, but I rather enjoyed it!

Electric Eel roll closeup

All of this was enough food to happily satiate me but not leave me feeling full and bloated. And, I successfully used up my Groupon. Japoix is awesome, but a bit pricier than what I generally like to pay for eating out. I’ve been back once since, during happy hour. The menu selection is a bit more limited, but the drinks are awesome and the prices are much more reasonable. And, being a half a block from where I live, Japoix has the potential to become one of my New Favorite Happy Hour Locations.

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  1. Hazel Brill January 30, 2017 2:35 pm

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