Dinner Party Featuring Pork Loin, Potatoes, and Broccoli!

At some point in one’s life, you phase from “hey, let’s order pizza or Chinese” hanging out with friends to “hey, let’s have a dinner party” hanging out with friends. This phase seems to happen at different times for different people. Some people get drug into it kicking and screaming, and for others it happens more naturally. As one who really likes making food, it should have happened earlier for me than it did, but I’m sure it was tempered by the fact that few of my dishes actually match. (You call it “tacky”, I call it “diversity”!) That, and thanks to my particular obsession, the vast majority of times I make food for people I just straight up call it a “sushi party.” In any case, as much as I like pizza and Chinese, I’m noticing more and more “dinner party” circumstances oozing into my life, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So I had a movie night with my friend Elise recently, and we decided it would also be Dinner Party night as well. I brought a slab o pork loin, pre-seasoned (lemon garlic) as it was on sale and I was lazy. She provided these really awesome tiny potatoes in a range of colors. Purple potatoes, genius! Those suckers got pan-fried along with some chopped onions and a range of seasonings. At some point we realized that raw potatoes + pan-frying is a great big pain in the patootie, so we dumped in some water and let those suckers cook for a bit.

potatoes and broccoli

Broccoli is another one of those things where your appreciation grows as you age. I didn’t really appreciate broccoli until I was in my 20s. Mind you, I had (what in my mind at the time was) a really traumatic incident when I was 5 years old involving broccoli. My parents have always gardened, and I’m sitting there eating some broccoli from the garden when I see a worm sticking out of what was about to go in my mouth. Being a 5 year old (and not at all partial to worms in my mouth) I freak out. One of my parents removes the worm and my dad, not wanting to see food go to waste, cuts up the rest of my broccoli to reassure me that there are no more worms. I am distrustful, and proceed to even more thoroughly cut up my broccoli to look for any more offending invertebrates. Whereupon I, of course, find another worm. And whereupon I refused to eat broccoli for the next 15 years. Childhood trauma is a real thing, folks!

Anyhow, I like broccoli now, especially with lemon squirted all over it. There was no lemon to be had, so we squirted lime instead. Gave the broccoli a nice kick!

giant plates of food

All of the things we ate were pretty low in calories, meaning we heaped giant platefuls of it all and got really full. The copious amounts of wine we drank all evening helped as well. Yay!

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One Comment

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