Banana Bread for Great Justice!

So it doesn’t really feel like it to me for some reason, but I nonetheless recently realized that I might make banana bread more than any other baked goods. And it’s not necessarily that I’m incredibly fond of banana bread (though it is tasty), it’s more than I’m not very talented at eating all of my bananas before they get brown and ucky. There’s really two factors at play here. The first is that whole “sold in bunches” thing. It’s just me here, and am I really going to eat 6 bananas before they go bad? Of course, I’m totally that person that’ll rip a bunch down to a more manageable size, but at $.55/lb or thereabouts, I’m generally OK with getting a few more bananas that I might realistically be able to consume.

The second factor is that bananas drastically change flavor over the course of their shelf life. You buy them slightly green, when they’re tangy, and they gradually shift to yellow and sweet, then spotty and ubersweet, then brown and pastelike (mmm…paste?). I’m picky about when I eat my bananas. You see, I like my bananas like I like my men – tangy and not covered in spots. I’ll eat a banana when it’s fully yellow, but for me an ideal banana still has that hint of green at the edges. When the brown spots come in, the bananas start giving me funny looks, and I start avoiding them until it’s too late. And, As I am physically incapable of throwing away food unless eating it might send me to the hospital, “too late” generally translates into, “It’s smoothies or bread for you, sucka!”

Banana Bread

I’m gonna be honest here – I have no clue what recipe I used for this. I don’t have a go-to banana bread recipe. You do an search for “banana bread” and you pull up approximately 28947234234 variations of banana bread, all delicious. Of course, this makes this post significantly less useful for people who might actually wish to *make* the above banana bread. This is more of an “ooh lookie, I made a thing!” post. But, let’s be honest here: who does food blogs who *isn’t* making “ooh lookie, I made a thing!” posts?

So, instead of a recipe, here’s some practical advice: I don’t care how long the recipe says it has to bake for, don’t start baking your banana bread and then go take a shower. Seriously, what was intended as a 15 minute session became more like 30 somehow (it’s like the laws of spacetime alter when you’re naked in a bathroom), and by the time I got out, the timer had gone off. Bread was still good, I just kinda had to trim off the edges to get rid off that “well done” feeling. Oops!

Oh hey, here’s another piece of advice. Do this. It’s awesome:

banana bread with fudge and blackberries

Many things I eat are the result of “What ingredients are readily available at work?” experiments. So, I had banana bread. A coworker brought in fudge and blackberries. I combined them into a delightfully sugary pile. I ate, I was cracked out for the next 30 minutes, and had the resulting sugar coma for a few hours after. Totally worth it!

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