Whereupon I crack out on Mexican food at Blue Bonnet

So I’m still not sure who decided Blue Bonnet was a good name for a Mexican restaurant. I mean, you’d think they’d at least call it Capo Azul or something? Anyhow, I ended up going to Blue Bonnet over on Broadway in South Denver with a few friends not too long ago, and it was magic and delight all up in ma belly.


They have an extensive margarita menu, and the one above is the frozen sauza swirl. Alcoholic strawberry blend in my mouth!

As we were pregaming for a party here, I decided to *try* going light on the food, and got a vegetarian burrito. This baby is what showed up to greet me!

vegetarian burrito

SO MUCH CHEESE. Really, cheese is very important to me. And this sucker was coated with the stuff. This is the sort of burrito where I’d like to fill a bathtub with a bunch of them and just roll around in that pile for awhile. Melty in my mouth! Stuffed with rice and beans and pure unadulterated Joy. And totally the sort of burrito where you suddenly realize that you only have 3 bites left and your stomach is attempting to annex other parts of your body due to it’s overflowing status. I was actually pretty good about that this time around – I started from one end and managed to cut myself off at just over half done, leaving the rest for the next day. Well, except for the part where I totally left the leftovers in my friend’s car. Oops! I swear, more restaurants need to rent out carrier pigeons to forgetful fools like me. I’d get home later and there’d be a pigeon waiting for me with burrito deliciousness. Crap, I’m not really sure what you’d tip a pigeon though (cause you know they wouldn’t work for free). Not even sure they’d accept US currency. Shoot dang!

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