Practicing the Fundamentals: California Rolls

So when it comes to sushi, I’m a total plate presentation whore. Well, I guess if someone paid me for sushi I could call myself a plate presentation whore. But since I’m generally giving it out for free, I’d be that other thing. You know, um, generous? Yeah. Anyhow, usually when I have the opportunity/urge to make sushi, I try to figure out at least one thing I’ve either not done before or am still struggling with. Lately, it’s been wrapping the outside of rolls with thinly sliced fish and avocado, as well as color combination experimentation and interesting bonus ingredients (can we say “mango?” Yum!). However, I recently just made a big ole pile of California rolls for me, myself, and I, and it was a good reminder that sometimes you just gotta work on the sushi-making fundamentals.

California roll  platter

I’m pretty pleased that grocery stores now sell mini-packs of fake crab (or “krab with a K” as I call it). Four tubes of krab is the perfect amount to build out a nice serving a California rolls. I also used half a cucumber and a varying amount of avocado.

On a related note, the state of avocados in our grocery stores is tragic. I mean, $1 an avocado is considered a sale? For realz? Not to even go into how much those poor suckers that buy organic are paying. I mean, you go to any major Latino market out here and they’re 3 for a buck. Unfortunately for me, there is no Latino market in walking distance of me, and parking around here is way too hellish for me to justify driving to a market and back just for avocados. So, my solution is to complain about it on here instead. Yay!

Anyhow, I rolled out these awesome tubes.

California roll tubes

One thing I’ve figured out from making sushi is that, in a multi-ingredient roll, it’s important to balance out the hardness and softness of your ingredients. Too many hard ingredients and the roll might not get as tight as you’d like it, which can result in pieces of filling threatening to fall out after you slice up the rolls. One way to help with this is to slice harder ingredients (i.e. cucumber, carrots) super thin. Too many soft ingredients and you’ll risk your roll oozing all over the place when you cut it (this has happened to me more than once when my spicy crab involved a little too much “spicy” and not quite enough “crab”. California rolls are a great balance though – hard cucumber, medium firmness krab, plus soft avocado.

California rolls closeup!

OK, so I threw in some fish roe for good measure. I’ve got a little container I just keep in the freezer all the time and pull out for sushi-making purposes. Great for adding a bit of salty zing, as well as a really nice orange color, whether inside the roll or outside. Tim Tebow approves of fish roe!

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