Best Thing Ever #4: Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s

As awesome as living in Denver is, there are a few of life’s necessities that it lacks. I mean, if I woke up tomorrow and was all like “Hot dog! I’ma swing by Trader Joe’s then go take a dip in the ocean!” it’s just not gonna happen. Well, the ocean’s easy to fake – as any Hunter S. Thompson fan knows, enough mescaline and a bathtub will take you anywhere you want to go. But Trader Joe’s? No way, no how. The nearest one’s a long ride down over the New Mexico border. So sad! Especially since, when I was in California recently, I got the opportunity to swing by one and grab a jar of cookie butter.

Trader Joe's cookie butter

This stuff is some serious gingerbread flavored crack right here. Like, if I ever wanted to go on the Most Delicious Weight Gain Diet ever, I’d just eat a jar of this stuff a week. So far, my preferred method of intake is to smear it all over bananas.

banana smeared with Joy

Bonus chocolate never hurts. If you are going the fruit method, might I recommend melting the cookie butter first for delightful dipping purposes – this works especially well with apples. I want to try this stuff with bananas and ice cream for glorious Banana Split Action. I can also see high hopes for spreading this on a sandwich with, well, a banana, plus marshmallow spread. It’s not your uncle’s fluffernutter!

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  1. Barbara Steele January 11, 2012 11:17 pm

    Where can I purchase some more Cookie Butter, they stopped selling it at Trader Joes they said it is a seasonal item? Barbara

  2. Ferdina May 28, 2016 1:45 am

    I’ma swing by Trader Joe’s then go take a dip in the ocean!” it’s just not gonna happen.