Best Thing Ever #1: Acorn Squash

There’s a lot of foodstuffs that I will, for the next minute or hour or week, depending, declare to be the Best Thing Ever. So, I figured I’d start a category called that, and start recording them as I think of and eat them.

Acorn squash has managed to completely grow on me as of late. I used to eat it pretty regularly as a kid, but was pretty ambivalent about it, and found it mediocre at best. No more! I recently had a craving for it, so I got me a squash from Ye Local King Soopers. I hacked that sucker in half, baked it for a good 50 minutes or so at 350 degrees, and plopped a blob of butter and a spoonful of brown sugar inside a half.

Acorn squash

Mixed it up, ate it all, so freaking good.

I wonder if my active desire for things I found to be rather boring as a kid is a strong indication that I’ve hit Taste Bud Adulthood. Like seriously, my 6 year old self would be disgusted by how small the amount of cake frosting I can consume before I start feeling nauseous. Next thing you know, I’ll be loading up on butter pecan ice cream and Metamucil or something. But you know, I crave what I crave. And holy cow, acorn squash are apparently freaking awesome.

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