Whereupon we stuff our faces late at night at Pete’s Kitchen

True story: if you are cheap and greasy, there is a good chance I will love you forever. Or at least until I get a chance to digest you. So yeah, when I’m feeling some cheap and greasy, heading to a diner is a pretty standard choice. Or, you know, when hungover. I’m not really sure why it is that one craves greasy, salty food with a hangover. Maybe the excessive amounts of beer inside of you, through the magic of osmosis, absorbs a bunch of salt, which your body needs to desperately get back the next day to get over that hangover? No clue.

Anyhow, we found ourselves late one evening at Pete’s Kitchen on Colfax. The menu is pretty big, and has standard diner fare plus breakfast and Greek food. It had been a long evening full of beer, balls, and screaming soccer fans, and thus nourishment was required. When it’s super late, I often lean away from getting anything too meaty – meat takes longer to digest and I’ll totally get nightmares if I go to bed on a full stomach – so I went for the classic grilled cheese with fries.

Grilled Cheese with Fries

It was as greasy and delightful as one should expect diner grilled cheese and fries to be, and it certainly hit the spot.

While I didn’t get chance to feed upon everyone else’s food, I forced them to sit there and wait while I took pictures of their food. So, I’ll stick those pictures up here anyhow.

dip sandwich

This was…some kind of dip sandwich? French dip? Hmm. There was meat between those buns (huh huh…), beef I believe. The dip was a red sauce, and I totally dipped one of my fries in it. It tasted like red sauce (big surprise!). This looked really good, actually, and I might have gotten this myself would the beef not have given me horrid nightmares!


This would be a delightful burrito, a breakfast burrito I think, smothered in what I’m thinking is green chili sauce, but does not look particularly green here. Actually, I tend to assume that if a burrito is doused in something, it’s probably green chili sauce, cause that’s how these Coloradoans roll. If only I actually liked breakfast burritos. I just can’t deal with scrambled egg hanging out in there with all of the other ingredients. Maybe I could do a vegan breakfast burrito. Except then I would miss all of the delicious cheese.


And, pancakes. Ordinary pancakes become extraordinary with strategic Action Photo! Watch syrup get poured like nothing else! Actually, I’m a big fan of eating breakfast at hours of the day which are not associated with breakfast. This is an excellent choice for someone who is not full of beer and doesn’t desperately need to replenish all of the missing salt in their body.

Anyhow, Pete’s Kitchen is pretty awesome. Apparently this is one of several restaurants owned by the same person, I’ll definitely have to go check out some of the others at some point to see if they are equally as delightful!

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