Whereupon I go to a tailgate and eat sausages

So it’s National Novel Writing Month, meaning that I am officially a bit worse than usual at keeping this blog up to date. Never fear though, guilt saves the day! Thus, I post here rather than, you know, work on said novel. It’s all good, though, sleep is for the weak.

So anyhow, I’ve recently discovered the joys of sporting events, specifically attending Colorado Rapids games. And, tangentially, I’ve discovered the joy of organized tailgate parties. The food and beer flow quite freely, the latter of which makes for a game experience where the capacity for excitement far outreaches the capacity of my bladder.

Anyhow, the last game I attended had, amongst other things, a giant pile of sausages for the grabbin’! I am a big fan of sausages in all their forms, but have a weakness for bratwursts, so I eschewed the more traditional hot dogs and went for a a big dark wrinkly bratwurst. There were also those white bratwursts (I think they’re bratwursts, at least, or might be Italian sausage? My education is a bit limited here). The super pasty sausages, in any case, were a bit intimidating.

Sausage and beer!

Mmm, bratwurst with German mustard cooked on a grill always gets an A+ from me! And, buried underneath said bratwurst are onions. This is something that me 10 years ago (or even me 5 years ago) would have been completely horrified by. But, onions are really good for you, so I’m trying to convince myself that I actually, in fact, like onions. I’m not generally that picky of an eater, but there are still certain things I can’t handle, and I dislike this fact. I feel like you are a more flexible person and can get by better in situations if you can eat as many things as possible. Who knows when you might find yourself dining with the president and you’re served an onion parfait or something – you’ve gotta be able to choke that sucker down lest you offend someone! So, I’m tackling onions for now, maybe I’ll move on to some of my greater evils (such as mushrooms, and scrambled eggs) at a later time.

There was a good amount of food left over after the tailgate, and one of the cooks/servers decided to take it upon himself to attempt plying the already full masses with yet more sausages.

being offered sausages

Never had I been offered a giant pile of sausages in such a manner, and thus felt the need to document it here for all of posterity.

Alas, I am sad that the season is over, so looks like I will have to wait until next March to get my tailgate party fix!

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