Holy Cow, the Calzones from Attivo are Freaking Awesome

Yeah, so I haven’t posted in a week as my brain has been preoccupied with the sorts of things that apparently don’t inspire me to write about whatever the hell I’ve been sticking in my mouth lately (food or otherwise). So it goes. I’ll blame Seasonal Affective Disorder or the 1% or the Russians or something. Anyhow, I realized I really shouldn’t neglect my Dear Blog Friend, as it’s been so good to me over the years, so I will take this as a good opportunity to blather on a bit about how amazing Attivo’s calzones are.

Attivo Calzone

No really, they’re freaking amazing. Especially the eggplant calzone. Straight eggplant, 3 cheeses, plus their delightful red sauce. It is magic on my mouth, soon converted into magic in my belly, soon converted to magically increasing my waistline. But seriously, these are the sorts of calzones I would happily go up a pants size for, cause they’re totally worth it.

Attivo also has some excellent floppy NY style pizza. A bit less sauce than I might generally prefer, but at $2.50 for a giant slice of cheese, I’m just not gonna complain all that much. Their subs are also delightful, I’ve had two thus far (the Pancho Villa and the Good Fella) and both were quite good (and ginormous to boot). Oh hey, and you can order online! This is a total bonus for someone like me who lacks the social graces to pick up a phone and call someplace. So, yes, I totally recommend Attivo for handling your calzone (and sub) needs.

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