Holy Veggie Curry, Batman!

So I recently had the fortune to acquire from a coworker a zucchini of epic proportions. I’ve been feeding off of this sucker for weeks (well, off and on at least), and still have some left. After awhile, fried zucchini and zucchini bread just don’t cut it anymore. I don’t think I’ve never used zucchini in curry before, and decided this was pretty much the ideal time to try it!

So I hacked up some pieces of zucchini, along with some potato, carrot, and onion. I decided to go with panang curry (using about half the paste in a small can), and crushed up some peanuts to go with it. My original intent was to fry up the vegetables in the curry and about half a can of coconut milk, and add in the other can a little later, but the coconut milk had other ideas. So after the can decided to dump it’s entire milky contents into the wok, I figured “the heck with it”, dumped everything else in as well, stirred, covered the pan, and ignored it for the next 10 minutes.

uncooked veggie curry

In the meantime I hacked up a big chunk of cilantro. My normal preference would be to use basil for this sort of thing, but as I had cilantro and no basil, cilantro it was. There’s also the fact that, at a regular grocery store, the only basil I can generally find is a tiny amount in a frou-frou package going for around $2. Cilantro, however, goes for about $.33 for a great big fistful. I can get much more reasonably priced basil from an Asian grocery, but alas, King Soopers and Safeway are ever so much closer to me.

Anyhow, I dumped the cilantro in near the very end and, despite (or perhaps because of) the long simmering time due to my dumping in all the coconut milk all early, the panang curry came out quite delightfully.

cooked curry

I think panang curry is a good one to go vegetarian with, since the paste itself is made with ground peanuts, and bonus peanuts tossed in make it even more protein-tastic. I’d made some basmati rice (which if you’re gonna eat long grain rice, is a freaking awesome way to go) and the curry paired quite excellently with it.

Veggie panang curry on rice

And, I’m becoming convinced that square and rectangular plates were invented for people like me who kinda suck at doing food photography. I’ve got all of these round pans and round plates, which end up looking rather dull when I’m cropping them all to rectangles! What I need to do is not take photos of my food when I’m hungry, because the hunger gets me all distracted – who wants to focus on awesome plate presentation and lighting when your stomach is growling and your photography subject is getting colder and more congealed with each passing minute?! Oh, first world problems…

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