Slow Cooker Adventures and Chicken Udon Soup

So I impulse bought half a chicken the other week. Yeah yeah, other people impulse buy Doritos and donuts and such, and I apparently buy poultry. Well, and donuts. And Doritos. So it goes. The slightly colder weather’s got me thinking about soup, so I decided to cram the half a chicken into my slow cooker and see what happens.

uncooked chicken

I just barely managed to cram that poor sucker in there. Once I did get it in there, I decided to add Bonus Flavor in the form of some cilantro stems, chunks of carrot, scallions, bay leaves, pepper, salt, and a miscellany of vaguely Italian herbs I grabbed from the drawer at random. Filled with water. And as I did all this right before bedtime, I set the timer to “slow” for 7.5 hours and went to sleep.

The next morning, I was greeted with a delightful pot of cooked chicken and broth!

cooked chicken in broth

Of course, I had to get to work, so I poked at the chicken with a fork a little, and left the cooker on the “keep warm” setting all day. That evening, I was all like “must…soup…now!” When one is sufficiently hungry, soup becomes a verb.

So I’m all like, “Hey, I bet this chicken and broth would be great with some udon!”

udon cooking

So I poured some broth into a pot with a bit of water (the broth was mighty thick, much to my delight) and added some udon, along with a bit of salt and pepper. While that was bubbling away, I chopped up some of the chicken and put it into a bowl along with some chopped cilantro and scallions. Once the udon was appropriately limp, I dumped it plus the broth into the bowl with the chicken, stirred, took a bite, and promptly burnt my tongue. Yum!

chicken udon soup

This was really pretty awesome. The udon was actually really similar to the noodles that you get out of a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. I’m thinking that maybe wheat noodles (or whatever those noodles are made of), after sitting in a can, become about as squishy as cooked udon? Not really sure! Anyhow, I’m totally gonna make this again sometime. I like being in the habit of making my own soup anyhow, as soup from a can is generally Salt Death, with the added disappointment of containing significantly less meat (and vegetables, for that mater) than I want in my soup!

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