My Delightful Sushi Rampage

I’ve been on a sushi kick lately. A big reason for this is because, on a recent thrift store visit, I bought what is pretty much the Best Plate Ever. It’s a copper plate made by Del Campo in Italy which I picked up for $2. I hadn’t heard of Del Campo until I saw the engraving on the back of the plate, but doing a google search pulled up other dishes by Del Campo starting at around $300 or so. So, I’m pretty happy with that purchase. Not that I plan on trying to sell it as a.) something is worth only as much as you can convince someone else to pay you for it and b.) it’s a pretty sweet sushi plate. So, I made some fairly basic sushi-related items for dinner recently.

sushi plate

I had this super ripe mango that I really wanted to try to put in some rolls. So, lacking the ambition or drive to make anything super fancy, I decided to go with straight hand rolls. I also used avocado, cucumber, scallions, and fish roe. I’d also recently purchased a can of tofu pockets (which I’m sure has a Japanese name, but I totally can’t remember what that is). Tofu pockets are awesome because all you do is stuff them with rice and eat. Delightful. These tofu pockets, however, also wanted some cucumber and fish roe. The remaining mango I neatly laid in a pile. Ripe mango is so freaking good!

I had some leftover rice, plus other leftover ingredients, so I took that as an opportunity to put together a super awesome lunch.

Awesome lunch

I had just enough cucumber and avocado left to make a single roll (well, half-roll technically) of sushi, so I did that and did tofu pockets to fill up the rest of the container. I really need to invest in a decent bento box one of these days, as those are much more aesthetically pleasing than tupperware!

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One Comment

  1. Ferdina May 28, 2016 1:33 am

    I’m pretty happy with that purchase.