Pretty Much The Most Festive Furikake Ever

So, at some point in the vaguely recent past, I found myself at the Pacific Mercantile in downtown Denver. This is pretty much the Best Place Ever to buy anything Japan-related. Well, except, you know, Japan. And I’m sure LA has some great places as well (along with a bunch of other US major cities, I’m sure). OK, so Pacific Mercantile is the best place in Colorado. Anyhow, it’s a great store to make impulse buys such as this:

Furikake packet

What we have here is the most festive furikake that I’ve ever seen. Teeny animal heads, delightful! Furikake, for those unaware, is a Japanese mixture of dry ingredients that you can dump all over your rice and make it taste delicious. I usually get it in jar form (it’s great to keep around to dump on leftover rice) but I of course could not resist furikake in such delightful packaging as above. I will apparently buy anything if the package is plastered with happy anime-esque characters and cute animals. It’s not just me, either – I read some article awhile back about how wine bottles sell 40% better when there’s an animal on the label. Curse you, cuteness! Curse you and your dollar-taking ways!

Anyhow, I had a crap-ton of sushi ingredients lying around, but neither the time nor the desire to make actual sushi, so I decided this was the optimal time to try out my exciting new furicake. So I made rice, dumped it on a plate, and sprinkled on the furikake. I arranged around the edge some sliced avocado, cucumber, scallions, cold shrimp, fish roe, and tamago. Sprinkled on some wasabi and soy sauce, mixed together, and stuffed my face. Delightful! Can’t say that the furikake stood out in any way flavorwise, but it totally satisfied my needs.

Rice pile!

And on a related note, I had a vision for making easy tamago. So, tamago is egg mixed with soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, and cooking wine, then cooked layer by layer on the stove. The outcome is delightful, but the process is tedious if you’re already dealing with a bunch of other ingredients for your future sushi feast. As I’ve recently discovered the joys of microwaving eggs, I realized you can totally do this with tamago as well. So I mixed the ingredients up, microwaved it, and indeed it was fast and delicious. Of course, as the shape of the microwaved tamago will either resemble a.) the container you microwaved it in or b.) a hacked up version of the container you microwaved it in, it’s not the prettiest solution. But, unless you’re making tamago nigiri, aesthetic isn’t really too much of a concern, so might as well go for efficiency!

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