The Weirdest Chai Ever from Egg Shell, Plus Mediocre Crepes!

So, for starters, I’m gonna apologize for the fact that I haven’t actually written about anything I’ve *cooked* in many moons. I’ve got a backlog of photos on my phone, but the glut of what I’ve got to work with on my actual computer is from restaurants, and I am apparently too much of a bum to transfer said photos from my phone to my computer. I’ve also been eating out entirely more than my wallet wants me to. Anyhow, I also noticed that most of my posts about eating in restaurants tend to fall along the lines of “OMG SO AWESOME!!” So, here’s one that’s not.

There’s this place called The Egg Shell in Cherry Creek. And, I’m not a fan.

So, I crack out over chai tea. Waitress asks if I’d like a beverage and, as crack is hard to resist, I ask if they have chai tea. (I feel so redundant saying that, since “chai” actually means “tea”. Hah!) And indeed they do have chai tea. So, I order it. And it arrives, and on first glance looks quite delightful.

Chai tea from the eggshell

And then I drink it. Is it possible to make tea from seltzer water? Cause I’ve never before had tea that seemed…carbonated. It was really weird. That, and it was lukewarm. Neither hot, nor iced, but lukewarm. I mean, I drank it all, but sort of out of boredom more than anything else. Did not approve!

For my entree, I got swedish pancakes, which were essentially crepes, which came with lingonberry sauce. There wasn’t anything necessarily *wrong* with what I got, but, I couldn’t pinpoint anything about these crepes that would make me want to order them again. Indeed, these crepes were the epitome of ‘average.’

Swedish pancakes/crepes

And, I suppose the worst part was the fact that the portion was pretty meagre, I was totally still hungry after that! As I ate them, I kept thinking about the awesome gingerbread pancakes at Racine’s, and the fact that they were like $2 cheaper, extraordinarily delicious, and eating half of them would fill me up more than that entire serving of crepes. I felt like the Egg Shell fit quite perfectly the negative “fancy restaurant” stereotype – small portions of average food that cost a little bit too much.

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