Piles of Mexican from El Noa Noa on Santa Fe

So, as far as I’m concerned, Mexican food is crack. I don’t care if it’s traditional, New Mexican, or straight up Americanized Mexican, it’s all good. (Not that I can necessarily tell the difference between them anyhow, but we’ll just ignore that little fact). Anyhow, one thing I like about living in Colorado is you can throw a rock in any direction and probably hit a Mexican restaurant, it’s really quite delightful.

Anyhow, there’s a place called El Noa Noa that we frequent at work fairly regularly. And, as my impulsive nature dictates that I take a photo of pretty much everything I eat, I’ve got a little backlog of photos from there, which I’ll dump into this post.

ceviche de pescado

First off, the ceviche de pescado. This was a veritable vat of goodness. Spicy but not too spicy, it filled me up quite well. The margarita helped, as margaritas generally do. Would totally get this again (and pretty sure I have gotten it again, in fact).

fish tacos

Ah, fish tacos. Totally don’t remember what kind of fish were in these suckers. Don’t really even remember if the menu mentioned the kind of fish. Whitefish of some kind, yup. Anyhow, I tried eating these babies with my hands and gave up after not too long (didn’t help that I covered them with sauces). Not that this is in any way a negative mark though – many delicious items fall apart when you pick them up. This is often the nature of delicious items, in fact. Anyhow, these were really good. I appreciated having a decent sized slab of avocado for each taco. Also, my hands totally got sticky from squeezing all those limes. I am super into the lime-squeezing scene, you see. If there is a lime near me, it must be squeezed and cause all food in the vicinity to become vaguely lime-flavored. Yum!


And now, the combo plates. I believe this was a chile rellano, taquito, and taco. Actually, if I remember correctly, I was eating this while in the midst of a rather annoying hangover, and I distinctly recall having the thought “This cheese stuffed pepper would be so much more delightful if my stomach wasn’t curdling at the thought of dairy!” Yeah….one of those days. The taquito was decent enough, though nothing too spectacular. And the taco was pretty much as delightful as your standard hard shell beef taco can be. Anyhow, pretty good combo as combos go.

another combi!

And, another combo. This was, from left to right, a cheese enchilada, giant pile of rice and beans, and a mystery item I have apparently forgotten (a burrito…maybe?). So, the cheese enchilada left me a little wanting. I was sober this time around and totally ready to take on some serious dairy, but the super yellow cheese on top combined with the same super yellow cheese in the middle of the enchilada was a little too…yellow for me? Too sharp? I think I’m more of a fan of white soft cheeses as enchilada fillings, to be honest. That, and I’m a bit picky about my red sauces. I’ve yet to find a good mole that agrees with me, and the enchilada sauce had all little too much of the “weird mole” edge for me. Rice and refried beans? Standard rice and refried beans, meaning they were the regular sort of delightful. Wish I could comment on Item #3 over on the right there, but my brain has disallowed me access to that particular memory. Alas!

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