Happy Hour Adventures at Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill

So, if I hadn’t mentioned it before, I recently moved to the Capitol Hill district of downtown Denver. The nice thing about living in the city again is the fact that I can walk to approximately 1 gazillion restaurants. This makes my stomach happy, but not necessarily my wallet. Meaning that I keep my eye out for cheap ways to eat at all of these delightful restaurants. The intersection of that plus my increased tendency to drink alcohol regularly means that I’ve been especially looking for happy hour specials.

Anyhow, there’s a place fairly close to me called Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill. The interior is dark sort of old school classy, with a giant piano in one corner that seems to always have someone playing it (based on the few times I’ve been here so far, at least). There’s an expansive porch – part of it covered with TVs all over the place blasting whatever sports game is on at the time (which is kinda annoying for those of us not really into TVs everywhere). The other part of the porch is open and TVless and quite delightful on nice August afternoons. Despite the name, Charlie Brown’s has a rather sad lack of Peanuts references. It does, however, have these teeny burgers for $1 a pop during happy hour:

teeny burgers!

So, shooters? Sliders? I don’t remember the particular terminology the menu used for them, so I just refer to them all as teeny burgers. Looks like one of the pickles impulsively dove into my mouth before I got a chance to take the photo. That kind of thing generally happens when I’m ravenously hungry. Anyhow, these were pretty good for $1 each! The teeny burgers were coupled with an order of some tacos, also priced at $1 each.


Mmmmm tacos. These slid down the gullet quite well, nothing too crazy here, but again, super awesome for the price. I totally snagged the salsa that was meant for the tacos, and slathered it all over the teeny burgers. And *that* was truly awesome. Burgers + Salsa = Joy. This is a proven mathematical fact.

Anyhow, their happy hour runs from 4:00-6:30pm and 10:30pm-12:30am. There’s 2 for 1 drink specials of some sort as well. And, thanks to my recent request, at least one bartender there knows how to make a blue motorcycle, a drink that seemed pretty popular back in Richmond but no one seems to have heard of here in Denver. Yum!

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