Frozen Yogurt Madness – Golden Spoon and Yogurtland

So remember back in the 90s, frozen yogurt was all over the place? And there were people who debated if it was better or worse than ice cream? And if you were me, you were all like “soft serve is awesome, I don’t care?” Then it disappeared. And then what I think of as “the Dark Ages of soft serve” when chocolate (and, by extension, the delightful concoction known as “twist”) disappeared from fast food restaurants everywhere? Dark times indeed. But, we are in an enlightenment again. All of the sudden, there are frozen yogurt shops everywhere! And believe me, I’ve been making the rounds.

Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon has been making headway in the Denver area. We got a chocolate topped with chocolate sauce and brownie chunks, along with cheesecake topped with strawberries. Quite tasty. They had a good selection of flavors, though the store’s decor was lacking in…something. Then again, if it’s summer, or nice out at all, you’re probably not hanging out inside a yogurt shop anyhow?

That really seems to be the best thing about all these frozen yogurt places, – the large range of yogurt flavors. As one who grew up not getting much in the way of ice cream beyond “neopolitan”, it’s glorious. On a side note, as a child I confused neopolitan with Napoleon, and thought it was French ice cream. Also, did anyone *ever* eat the strawberry first? I mean, really. I dunno about you, but the chocolate and the vanilla went rather fast. Then that stupid strawberry just sat there forever and ever until it get all crystallized and someone finally threw it out. Poor strawberry.


Anyhow, another super awesome place is Yogurtland. It is, in fact, my new favorite place to get rid of extra dollars.

This place was seriously cranking when we went there. Hello Kitty was plastered everywhere, so fabulous! Anyhow, while Golden Spoon is more of a “pay for the size you’re getting, plus whatever toppings” kind of place, Yogurtland is more buffet style, where you pay by weight. And, considering how awesome their setup is, I’m sort of expecting this style of yogurt shoppe to win out in the end.

According to a friend at work, Yogurtland has both taro and green tea flavors, but the night I went they were lacking both. So I went with some coconut and red velvet cake, and both were awesome. The toppings selection was extensive, and I got kiwi, mango, shredded coconut, and mochi balls. Mochi balls! Seriously? Best thing ever.

Yeah, I kinda want some more frozen yogurt now. So delightful!

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