Delightful Gingerbread Pancakes from Racines

So I’ve discovered pretty much the Best Breakfast Place Ever – Racines, which is a convenient 4 blocks from where I now live. I am a sucker for pancakes and waffles with exciting innards and topped with dessert-like ingredients, and Racine’s does not disappoint. Most notably, with the gingerbread pancakes:

Gingerbread pancakes

The pancakes were super tasty, especially with the butter smeared all over them. This butter was cinnamoney and full of tiny pieces of nuts (either walnuts or pecans). Not sure if the butter is a constant thing, as I came back a second time and split a set of these delightful pancakes with a friend, only to get regular butter. They were still quite tasty with the regular butter, mind you, but that nutty butter really hit the spot.

Anyhow, just two of these things make a huge serving. I can pretty much guarantee that unless you are Michael Phelps or someone with a similar level of physical exertion on a day to day basis, that you will not be able to make it through 2/3 of this stack without feeling completely bloated! It’s a good kind of bloat, though. If you need some good caffeine with your sugar, I recommend getting the hot chai tea. It’s strongly flavored and spicy!

Next, I need to go back and try a few more of Racine’s pancake offerings, including the peanut butter and chocolate pancakes as well as the bacon pancakes!

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