Homemade Salmon Sushi Party

I had the opportunity, not too long ago, to take over some friends’ kitchen and make a giant pile of salmon and veggie sushi. I’ve recently discovered this awesome fresh fish market in the Highlands area of Denver, and though it cost rather more than I was willing to spend, $22/lb for really freaking good salmon is worth it when you consider how much good salmon would cost at a sushi bar.

Anyhow, this post will be light on words and heavy on photos, since I got some good ones of the delicious sushi that was made. There are few things I like more than making sushi for people that love sushi!

Here’s a closeup on some rolls topped with avocado plus fish roe, along with some salmon and avocado rolls:

Sushi pic 1

I’m not too hot at slicing fish for nigiri, but boy are they tasty:

Sushi pic 2

Here’s a nice closeup of someone’s plate of sushi, about to be eaten:

Sushi pic 3

One of my hosts made some delicious miso soup to go along with the sushi feast:

Sushi pic 4

I’m getting better at making tamago (egg omelet) but still struggle with it not holding together as strongly as I’d like:

Sushi pic 5

Another shot of the salmon sushi plate:

Sushi pic 6

Fancy outdoor sushi party!

Sushi pic 7

Super closeup of the tamago rolls plus nigiri:

Sushi pic 8

Mondo rolls are delicious!

Sushi pic 9

Am hoping to have another sushi party with friends soon, hopefully with tuna!

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  1. Cory August 5, 2011 1:39 pm

    Love the photos! And no stray fingers sliced off – bonus!
    Seriously looks like fun and delicous too!

    • ptocheia August 5, 2011 1:43 pm

      I used to have 11 fingers until that fateful sushi party…*sniff*….

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  5. CardioGod.com June 23, 2017 3:52 am

    The photos are great! I'm going to have a sushi party this weekend. Hope my sushi will look as attractive as yours.


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