El Camaron Loco in Denver on Federal = Yum!

So I decided it was high time I restarted this blog. It’s been awhile, but let’s just say that having been living in a hotel for the past month+ (of the sort that does not allow cooking of any kind), I haven’t had very good fodder for posts. And circumstances (which I shall not delve into here) have not been conducive for the sort of creative mental state required to make awesome posts about delicious food.

But, it’s time to jump back into things. And I shall do so by talking about this restaurant that’s about 2 blocks from my hotel, called El Camaron Loco (The Crazy Shrimp).

Sweet Mural

First off, they have these sweet murals on the outside of the rather shack-like building. Go inside, and they have pictures of almost every dish they have (all 80some of them), and they all looked absolutely delightful (who knew there were so many Mexican seafood dishes?). My friend and I stood and stared for almost a good 10 minutes before ordering.

The woman at the cashier had a tenuous grasp of English at best, but I was able to get out my order for ceviche de camarones (shrimp ceviche). Helps that everything is numbered. I asked about beverages, she just said “coke” then waited for my answer. After agreeing to get a coke, she directed me to the fridge off to the side where I can get one, and it was only then that I saw the lovely range of Mexican soft drinks potentially at my disposal. So, be warned, grab your drink before you order if you want something fun!

Anyhow, seating is pretty basic, but the murals on the wall are pretty sweet. Prices? A little steep considering (can’t get much of anything under $10, and all the really awesome stuff seems to start at $12), but hey, you’re getting some pretty sweet seafood here.

shrimp ceviche

Yeah, this shrimp ceviche was quite satisfying. I want to go back, but there’s this Mexican seafood cart that parks in the parking lot right outside my hotel room, and many other options as well in the area. I had no idea that it was possible to find so many delightful Mexican food options in such a small area. Oh how my stomach loves you, Federal Street.

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