Cheap “Too Lazy To Cook” Food: Big Daddy’s Pizza And Ralibertos

Someday soon, I suspect that I will have sampled every single restaurant on the right side of Wadsworth between 6th Street and I-70. Every single restaurant that does take-out, that is. I, like many others, often get out of work and want nothing more than to shove something hot and delicious in my mouth as soon as possible. Then I think about the lack of anything prepared in my fridge and how, despite being hungry, I’m not quite hungry enough to gnaw on raw potatoes and frozen meat. Then I stop and grab something that I’ll hope is hot and delicious. And cheap, because that’s how I roll.

My default is Subway, where I forego “hot” and just stick to “delicious.” I have a soft spot in my heart for the Seafood Sensation sub. And, say what you will about them being lower quality then some other places, but I don’t know where else you can more or less get a giant salad’s worth of toppings dumped on your sandwich for so cheap. Jared knows where it’s at, yo.

Sometimes, however, I get adventurous.

Big Daddy's Pizza

No matter what the weather, during weekday afternoon rush hour there’s generally at least two people near Wadsworth and 6th waving around giant signs advertizing for Big Daddy’s Pizza. Specifically, for their $5 pizzas ready as soon as you walk in the door. In terms of company names, “Big Daddy’s” is a bit horrifying, and that alone kept me from going there. At some point, however, I decided I wanted to go there *because* of the name. And so I did.

And the pizza… was hot. And ready. And that’s about it. Albeit, did I really expect anything more from a $5 pizza? Truth is, I might pick Little Caesar’s over Big Daddy’s. And if you’ve eaten Little Caesar’s pizza as of late, you know that’s not saying much. It’s like at some point companies decided it was OK for products to be really crappy as long as they were cheap enough. This seems to work OK for some things – I’ll admit to sucking down delicious greasy items from the Burger King dollar menu from time to time – but I just don’t think it works all that well for pizza. Either that, or I’m just a bit of a pizza snob. Which is entirely possible.

A little further up the road is a teeny little Mexican place called Raliberto’s. It’s a bit pricier, at around $7 for a combo meal. But oh, the volume of food.

Ralibertos food

That’s a burrito (filled with delightful steak, green peppers, and onions) on the right, and the left is rolled tacos (pretty much taquitos) with guacamole. Raliberto’s is magical. OK, not gourmet or anything, but the food is fabulous for the price. Drew and I will totally get one entree and split it and be completely satiated. Or, y’know, also get some taquitos and be completely bloated afterwards. Bloated in a very good way.

Once upon I time I used to really like Taco Bell. I can barely touch the stuff any more, and places like Raliberto’s are the reason. It’s around the same price volumewise, but infinitely more delicious. Infinitely!

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