Japanese Cravings + Fridge Remnants = Veggie Sushi

Lately, all the sushi I’ve been making has been frou frou fancy sushi with bacon and strange objects wrapped around the rolls and whatnot. Not that these haven’t been fabulously delicious, but the cleanup time (and prep time, for that matter) can be a bit of a pain. Which is why it’s nice to make some regular old veggie sushi from time to time. At any given moment, I’ll likely have both eggs as well as cucumber sitting in the fridge. At that point, all I need is a single avocado for delicious sushi magic!

One nice thing about not using crazy ingredients is that the rolls don’t fall apart on me. Cucumber? Not likely to squish all over the place.

Sushi tubes

For some reason, the pre-cut sushi tubes fascinate me. They’re like Japanese taquitos or something. I have to wonder, if nori was easier to cut (and, consequently, to bite into), would sushi as we know it even be sliced into the bite-sized pieces? You know, form follows function and all that. Maybe if tortillas were any tougher, taquitos would be served in teeny bite-sized pieces?

veggie sushi tray

One of these days I’ll invest in some actual sushi serving dishes, rather than having all my sushi get served on cookie and/or pizza pans? Awhile back I found a super-sweet deal of a bunch of used sushi plates from a restaurant, for $40, offa Craigslist. So I drive up to meet this lady in Boulder, which is about a 40 minute drive for me, only to have her not show. Then two days later I hear from her asking if I want to buy some sake cups as well, completely oblivious to her rather rude no-show. Hah!

Closeup 1

Single-ingredient rolls are particularly joyous to roll. I can use half the sheet of nori without worrying it won’t wrap fully around the ingredients. Also, the roll will definitely be bite sized – something I’m not too concerned with, but Drew finds ginormous rolls particularly traumatic. Well, assuming we define “traumatic” as “complains it’s too big to fit in his mouth.” (that’s what she said!)

Closeup 2

Tamago (egg omelet) is so awesome. The secret for those of us without access to (and/or too cheap to buy) a Japanese omelet-making pan is to use a bread pan instead. Guarantees a nice rectangular shape!

Closeup 3

Bonus closeup! I wish those tamago nigiri were like a foot long, and I could use one as a pillow. And then I’d wake up and eat it for breakfast. Or be really whiny that my entire head smells like seaweed and egg. Yum!

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