Chicken & Dumplings for Easter!

So yeah, Happy Easter/Passover/Pagan Renewal/Zombie Jesus/Etc. day! As for exciting holidays, I’m pretty stoked about Discount Chocolate Monday, and am looking forward to claiming many Reeses eggs as my own. We didn’t hit up any relatives today, so I totally made what is essentially the laziest possible meal that one could make that still looks like you put a bunch of effort into it. Hooray for chicken and dumplings.

Chicken and dumplings

So you take a pot and pour water in it, and drop a chicken in it. Dump in whatever seasonings sound good (I went for a range of Italian seasonings, salt, pepper, and garlic), and let simmer on medium and/or forget about until an hour or two later when your entire home starts to reek of delicious chicken. I actually went for two and a half hours for my chicken – rather unnecessary, except that I set the chicken out to thaw yesterday and totally forgot to stick it back in the fridge before going to bed last night. Wake up in the morning to find a rather lukewarm chicken. Oh crap! So I figured boiling it twice as long as was really necessary would combat whatever botulism or whatever it might have picked up while lying on that counter overnight. It was still sealed, though! And given the fact that I’m writing rather than puking my guts out at the moment, I’m gonna wager a guess that the chicken turned out safe.

Anyhow, next comes the bisquick. Dump some bisquick in a bowl, dump in milk and mix until biscuitlike. Remove chicken from pot, plop bisquick in ball form into broth, let cook for 10 minutes or so with the lid on. Voila, chicken and biscuits! I also like the fact that the bisquick residue turns the chicken broth into gravy. I’m pretty bad at making gravy, so this is a serious bonus for me. I also microwaved some frozen broccoli for the veggie side. Easiest Easter dinner ever!

I think that a big hindrance against people eating home-cooked meals is just a matter of time. Because I spent relatively little time in the kitchen during this dinner-making process, but I nonetheless had to have several hours to be present from start to finish, and the patience to smell all the tasty chicken smells without gnawing my elbows off from hunger. Which I suppose is the benefit of slow cookers – dump it all in before heading off to work, and then come home and stuff your face with delicious.

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