Sushi, Now With More Bacon!

I’ve had this pack of bacon just sitting in my fridge waiting for a good idea. And bacon sushi is pretty much the best idea one can ever come up with. I’ve made it once before, where I cooked the bacon first, then added it to sushi. This time around, I made the sushi and bacon at the same time, and cooked them together for delicious and greasy results.

Bacon Sushi!

Considering I had an entire pack of bacon to work with, I decided to take it easy on the rest of the ingredients. I fried up some tamago (egg omelet) so as to complete the “breakfastiness” of this sushi. Also sliced up some avocado, because avocado is the Sushi Ingredient of the Gods. Some fish roe, spicy mayo, and black sesame seeds rounded out the ingredients list quite nicely.

I first rolled up your standard bacon roll:

Bacon roll

And if only “your standard bacon roll” was really a thing! Like, you could walk into your local sushi bar and it’d be as common as getting a california roll. Or maybe barbecue places would start serving up rolls as well. Barbecue sushi rolls, now there’s an idea to try…


So I dunno about you, but I grew up eating hot dogs wrapped in bacon on a fairly regular basis. So it’s a natural extension of that idea to want to wrap bacon around uncut sushi rolls, right?

Bacon roll with toothpicks

I wasn’t sure if the rolls should be sliced before or after cooking the bacon, so I did half and half. The first roll of raw bacon sushi I sliced up had raw bacon sliding all over the place. So, I stuck some toothpicks in the rest of the rolls to make things a little bit easier on myself. One toothpick per slice o’ sushi definitely helped with the cutting of this tube!

Pre-cooked sushi platter

The sushi, pre-cooked. Two rolls remained uncut, and I spruced up the sliced rolls as best I could. The set in the lower left got topped with spicy mayo and fish roe. Back in the day, there was a sushi bar called Tokyo Sushi that I ate at way too much, because how does one say no to a $10 sushi buffet? One of the rolls I loved there was a “lasagna roll”, a California roll covered in mayo and fish roe, baked. This was my pseudo-attempt to recreate that experience.

There was some extra bacon left, so I shoved some into the remaining rice to make an onigiri (rice ball). And the rest? I hacked it up and sprinkled it on top of the set of rolls in the top left. Bacon roll topped with bacon? Yes please!

Bacon sushi, cooked.

So if you get bored and try this at home, I definitely recommend not using thick-cut bacon, which I did here. The bacon didn’t get quite as crisp as I would have liked, as I was wary of burning the rolls. Nonetheless, it was still quite awesome. The Onigiri couldn’t take it though, and collapsed into a delicious pile of bacon, rice, and grease. The orange rolls on the lower left were soaking in a pile of their own grease. Actually, pretty much everything was soaking in a pile of it’s own grease.

All the sushi!

I put the nice rolls on some plates, and the messy rolls plus the so-messy-they-cant-be-called-rolls-anymore are left on the pan in the back. The latter fed me for pretty much the entire next day. As for slicing the rolls? Definitely better to slice them before cooking them. Well, unless you don’t really care if they look like sushi, and prefer a giant pile of ingredients. Tastes the same either way!

Incidentally, the bright orange roll tasted just as amazing as I’d hoped it would.

Dramatic closeup

And to end, a dramatic closeup. Have I mentioned how awesome this sushi was?

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  1. Michael July 7, 2016 10:04 am

    I found many this in the Septics Tanks in my house, good luck!