Posole Party in My Mouth!

So yeah, in the last post I made I mentioned trying posole, liking it, and then buying some from ye local grocery store? Well, first off, the price is certainly friendly. I got this 2 lb. frozen bag for about $1.50:

frozen posole

I then looked up posole on wikipedia. I had little confidence in my ability to eat soup, and even less desire to think about the fact that, 500 years ago, I’d be making this soup with delicious people as a main ingredient, so I opted to use the posole as a rice substitute rather than attempting anything traditional.

So I dumped about half the bag into a pot, figuring that would be enough for my purposes. Cooked it for 2 hours, and regretted having dumped half the bag into the pot. It swelled like crazy! We ate off of the posole for days and days, and even after that ended up throwing away some leftovers.

I’ve got sort of a regular “dish” I make that I refer to as “Mexican pile.” It’s mostly just whatever looks good from the fridge, things often found in Mexican meals, all dumped in a pile on a plate. I’d made some beans in a slow cooker, and Drew had acquired a bit of spicy chili from a coworker, and those plus the posole and some veggies and cheese made a delicious pile indeed!

Mexican Pile

It’s fun to sometimes use barley instead of rice for a meal starch, and I think posole definitely falls into that camp. I don’t see it replacing my standard rice anytime soon, but it’s an interesting change of pace for when I want to maize it up, as it were. Or, you know, decide to make people soup.

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  1. Mary July 5, 2016 1:47 pm

    love this dish I have done occasionally and is very good, the way you expose it when it does probare coming back


  2. abk December 29, 2016 3:31 am


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