Café Castro: Mexican in Santa Fe, NM

So at some point in the vaguely recent past, we found ourselves on a short vacation in Santa Fe, NM. We ate out a bunch while there – I’d be tempted to say “too much” were it not for the excessive amounts of hiking we did there as well. Those are always the best vacations, where you eat like a glutton and then walk until utter exhaustion kicks in. It’s also a great way of being oblivious to the quality of your hotel room, because when you’re that tired, you could put a sheet on a rock and sleep soundly.

Anyhow, from what I read regarding eating out in Santa Fe, there’s two types of restaurants: New Mexican, and Other. We decided to go with the former on this particular evening, and soon found ourselves at Café Castro. There was a decent array of other possible Mexican places to choose from, but who could say “No” to a place where ole’ Fidel could show up at any moment?

We started off with drinks:


I got a Margarita and Drew went with a sangria house special. Nothing too special about the margaritas, but as this meal had been preceded by a long day of hiking, the size of the margaritas was much appreciated, and if I remember correctly, the price was quite delightful as well.

Entreewise, I went the “giant pile of stuff” route:

giant plate of stuff

I believe there’s an enchilada hidden under there, along with a chile rellano plus a third item I’ve completely forgotten. A taco? Who knows! I got both red and green sauce, apparently known as getting it Christmas-style. Green sauce was awesome. Red sauce…I think I’m just not into molé sauces. Or perhaps just haven’t met a molé sauce that really liked me yet. I ended up encouraging Drew to eat most of my red-sauce covered items, in fact. Guess I’ll stick to green chili in the future unless I’m feeling adventurous.

One thing I’d never tried before was posole. It’s a starch derived from corn, and is sitting in the lower left on the plate above. Pretty good stuff! A week later, I totally went and bought some from the grocery store, and the outcome of that little adventure shall be detailed in a future post.

My meal came with a ginormous sopapilla:

giant sopapilla

So I’m really liking this trend I’ve been seeing of restaurants having honey available to go with starches. I’ve seen pizza places with honey on the tables to slather all over your crusts, and there was honey at this place to slather all over your sopapilla. And slather I did. Honey is so freaking good. I’ll forget I have honey sometimes, then randomly open up the cabinet and see that little bear staring out at me, and I’ll just squirt some in my mouth right there. So good!

Drew decided to get fajitas:


The giant plate of food above came with two paltry tortillas, and Drew ended up needing to ask for more. His entree was a tragedy waiting to happen, because despite Drew’s best efforts, there was a significant amount of leftovers that got carried back to our refridgeratorless hotel room. And despite my best efforts to construct a makeshift fridge using the hotel room’s ice bucket, by morning the leftover were warm (and soggy to boot!). Suppose it turned out alright though: the price was cheap enough that we didn’t feel too bad having to chuck some of the food, and while the fajitas were tasty, they weren’t knockout amazing or anything.

That was our general consensus for Café Castro, actually. Nothing really stood out as “Holy cow, this is super awesome!”, but it was really good for the price! And when you are a cheap famished bastard like me, sometimes that’s all that really matters.

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One Comment

  1. anoniem February 28, 2011 9:51 pm

    Wow! Did you take those pictures before or after you ate the food?