Tuaca + Red Bull = Yay

I have been in a state of low-grade perpetual mourning since Sparks got rid of it’s caffeine, several years back. Sparks was a bit of an acquired taste it seems, I loved it but knew plenty who thought it tasted rather awful. Rumor has it that there are still other similar beverages that would provide me with both caffeine and alcohol. Joose, specifically, which I really need to try one day. Or, I can just stick to the wonders of Red Bull + liquor. In this specific case, Tuaca.

Tuaca and Red Bull

I’d never really tried the Red Bull alcohol phenomenon before, mostly because the common combination involves vodka. My vodka needs to be mixed very well, otherwise it will taste like vodka and I will start having horrible flashbacks of when I was 19 and drank entirely too much of the cheap stuff (because that’s pretty much the Best Thing Ever when you’re 19 and low on common sense). For the most part, I avoid things with vodka to keep this sort of calamity from occurring. Tuaca mixes quite smoothly and tastily with the Red Bull, however, and I highly recommend it.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much about the dearth of “alcopop” and such, I mostly drink it at clubs and when was the last time I actually went to a club? Hmm. Awhile, it seems. I don’t drink much in general, and unless I’m out, or planning on going out, I’d rather my alcohol not be of the “make me all jittery” variety. Actually, in an ideal world, I’d just have someone follow me around handing me pina coladas and daquaris. Then again, in my ideal world I’d just be lying on some tropical beach all day long, and could just hop on my jet-propelled pegasus to get to the nearest bar should I really want something to drink that badly. Yeaah, any day now that’ll happen!

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