Chillin’ at the Thai Basil

So Asian restaurants in Denver are awesome. This is because pretty much every Chinese place I’ve eaten in thus far also has Vietnamese and Thai food. Which makes it significantly more difficult for me to default to my usual sesame chicken at such places, as it conflicts with my desperate desire to eat red curry as frequently as possible. I found myself at a Thai Basil recently, which is a local chain that also had Chinese and Vietnamese dishes on the menu. I managed to be strong and get neither sesame chicken nor curry of any sort (alas, there was no red curry, though they did offer green and panang).

I got all wild and crazy and got the Moon Harbor, partially because of the name!

Moon Harbor

My regular camera has been rather bitter towards me lately, thus causing me to forget it and instead have to photograph everything with my phone with it’s freaky flash. That’s your chicken on drugs, folks. Any questions?

Anyhow, that was some of the tastiest moon harbor I’ve ever eaten. Lots of flavorful chicken and crisp vegetables, plus surprise pineapple ring! Big serving, too, I took about 1/2 of that home, most of which ended up in Drew’s stomach. I also got a chai tea, which was pretty much the sweetest chai I’ve ever had. Which is great if you like a little tea with your sugar, but I had a tough time with it.

You know what makes up for overly sweet tea, though? These babies:

Crab rangoon

Gotta love crab rangoon. Or cheese wontons. I think the terms are interchangeable…? Maybe? I’ll pretend they are. Anyhow, I’m not sure if this is a standard thing, if we went on the right night, or if our server/the cook was feeling generous, but we got these babies on the house. I’m looking forward to going back again and seeing if we get free wontons again, because if that’s standard practice, then I know what my new favorite Thai/Asian fusion/whatever place is!

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